Dealing with spamming content thieves / plagiarists (

Dealing with plagiaristsWhen it comes to crap like plagiarism you shouldn’t consider me a gentleman.

If assclowns like Veronica Domb steal my content and publish it along with likewise stolen comments on their blatantly spamming site, I’m somewhat upset.

Then when I leave a polite note asking the thief Veronica Domb from EmeryVille to remove my stuff asap, see my comment marked as “in moderation”, but neither my content gets removed nor my comment is published within 24 hours, I stay annoyed.

When I’m annoyed, I write blog posts like this one. I’m sure it will rank high enough for [Veronica Domb] when the assclown’s banker or taxman searches for her name. I’m sure it’ll be visible on any SERP that any other (potential) business partner submits at a major search engine.

Content Thieves Veronica Domb et al, P.O.BOX 99800, EmeryVille, 94662, CA are blatant spammers

Hey, outing content thieves is way more fun than filing boring DMCA complaints, and way more effective. Plagiarists do ego searches too, and from now on Veronica Domb from EmeryVille will find the footsteps of her criminal activities on the Web with each and every ego search. Isn’t that nice?

Not. Of course Veronica Domb is a pseudonym of Slade Kitchens, Jamil Akhtar, … However, some plagiarists and scam artists aren’t smart enough to hide their identity, so watch out.

Maybe I’ve done some companies a little favor, because they certainly don’t need to sent out money sneakily “earned” with Web spam and criminal activities that violate the TOS of most affiliate programs.

AdBrite will love to cancel the account for these affiliate links: &dk=736d616c6c20627573696e6573735f355f315f776562

Google’s webspam team as well as other search engines will most likely delist that comes with 100% stolen text and links and faked whois info as well.

Spamcop and alike will happily blacklist (IP: , because the assclown’s blog software sends out email spam masked as trackbacks.

If anybody is interested, here’s a track of the real “Veronica Domb” from Canada clicking the link to this post from her WP admin panel: - - [21/Jan/2008:07:50:40 -0500] "GET /outing-plagiarist-2008-01-21/ HTTP/1.1" 200 9921 "" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; SU 3.005; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; InfoPath.1; Alexa Toolbar; .NET CLR 2.0.50727)"

Common sense is not as common as you think.

Disclaimer: I’ve outed plagiarists in the past, because it works. Whether you do that on ego-SERPs or not depends on your ethics. Some folks think that’s even worse than theft and spamming. I say that publishing plagiarisms in the first place deserves bad publicity.

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11 Comments to "Dealing with spamming content thieves / plagiarists ("

  1. Brendan Picha on 21 January, 2008  #link

    Keep those assh*les ( Veronica Domb ) in check Sebastian! Thanks for helping to neutralize this stuff.

  2. Sebastian on 21 January, 2008  #link

    Thanks for your support, Brendan. :) Did you find your stuff on her blog too? Many will.

    By the way, swearing is allowed as per my comment policy. ;)

  3. Tim Nash on 21 January, 2008  #link

    I’m disappointed in you Sebastian you didn’t have the good grace to invite either me or Shaun(Hobo) to your party and join in with the fun :)

  4. How much is my blog worth? on 21 January, 2008  #link

    […] was reading Sebastian’s latest rant about a scraper and spammer named Veronica Domb so I followed his link to the scraper site. Other than it being a complete copy of one of […]

  5. Sebastian on 21 January, 2008  #link

    Tim, you’re absolutely right, I fucked up badly. Shaun and Tim, please accept my apologies and consider yourself invited to attend a veritable scraper link fest. Oh, and before I piss off anyone else: feel free to join the orgy party (but bring your link condoms and use them selectively). :)

  6. I think that might be the best “outing” I have ever read.

    Good work.

  7. TonNet on 21 January, 2008  #link

    Great work! How many more bloggers might be able to put down the copycats!!

  8. Mystic Liquid on 23 January, 2008  #link

    Great post. I know that is an ever growing problem with the blogoshpere is the fact no one wants to generate original content.

  9. Tori on 27 January, 2008  #link

    Hi! I read your content quite a bit. This article really sparked my interest because I have two known people who steal my content all the time. Its very aggrivating, especially when you spend YOUR TIME researching content and writing it.

    I have found that adding a “no right click” function can stop most spammers. Here’s a simple copy and past code that goes right into your template:

    You’ll still have to deal with those people who read your article then rewrite it because they’re to fucking stupid to write their own stuff, but it’s a start at least.


    PS - Continue to out these people!!!!! Also, a note to people who plan to “out” spammers or content stealers - PLEASE dont’ link to them in your article, unless you are linking with the anchor text of “spam” or “content stealer”, etc. If you link right to their site you can raise their page rank, depending on your sites PR.

    Great work, little red crab! You rock!

  10. Sebastian on 28 January, 2008  #link

    Thanks Tori. :) Disabling save-as with JS doesn’t help, because it’s easy to disable such scripts. Also, Web sites playing with user agent functionality this way, disabling other functions too, annoy me, IOW I leave and will never return. As for linking, it’s important to add rel=”nofollow” to links pointing to scrapers and content thieves, and this makes the anchor text somewhat useless, because the search engines don’t count it.

  11. Tori on 28 January, 2008  #link

    Great idea with the no follow tags. Please be sure to keep us all updated on the outcome of this problem!

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