Bugs & Flaws

I’m launching this blog with a few bugs and flaws because even buggy and flawed the user experience is better than with blogspot. Probably I’ve managed to install plugins firing on other add-ons or so. I’ll figure that out eventually, perhaps with a little help from you. :) Here is a list of unfixed bugs and flaws I’ve spotted yet:


When you submit a comment and forget to answer the spam protection question, or the answer is wrong, your comment is toast. That’s a bug either in WordPress or the plugin. If you know a bugfix, please let me know in the comments, thanks!
Save your comment (text file, clipboard, …) before you hit submit!

The data import from Blogger skipped the comment author’s link. Sorry. Perhaps I’ll add a few links where I know the URL manually, meanwhile please refer to the blogroll instead.

The dofollow functionality is somewhat unreliable. It seems I’ll link out to places I’ve marked as nofollow, for example to evil sites like M$ and link farms like, hmmm, go figure.


Every now and then some weird stuff in posts I’ve imported from Blogger breaks the layout. I’m working on it, so please accept my apologies when the sidebar appears as footer or so.

Over time I’ll categorize the old posts, meanwhile please check out the “uncategorized” category when you dig for old stuff from 2006 or 2005.

Internet Explorer

Doh! ‘Nuff said. Get a CSS enabled browser.

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4 Comments to "Bugs & Flaws"

  1. JLH on 21 August, 2007  #link

    Mr. Cutts blog allows a click back that saves the content of the box when you forget to fill out the thingy. Don’t know what plugin he’s using or how/if he fixed it.

  2. Sebastian on 22 August, 2007  #link

    Matt uses the same plugin. The difference is that he does a full trip to the server what can be quite annoying with large pages. My comments are submitted via AJAX, that is the new comment is displayed without reloading the page. That’s much faster, but unfortunately buggy.

  3. Hello world! on 22 August, 2007  #link

    […] “ready”. Hence the ToDo list is here to stay. Probably forever. More on the bugs & flaws page. Unordered & unprioritized ToDo […]

  4. Faux on 18 November, 2009  #link

    well I found another bug it doesn’t leave your comment even when you can do math.

    [Your link was removed, see my comment policy. Also, your site is blacklisted for comment spamming at various places, so your comment got automatically shredded by my garbage collection, that also read your complaint and passed it to my CSRM tool. Having said that: That’s not a bug, it’s a feature. Really. ]

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