My policies on comments, privacy, and plagiarism

If you’re bored please feel free to read this policy page. Short summary:

  1. I value your contributions.
  2. Comments are dofollow’ed (in most cases).
  3. Be nice and apply common sense.
  4. Don’t worry.
  5. Do worry.

My Comment Policy

I appreciate your comments very much, but please apply common sense. I’ll try to do the same with my comment moderation, my rare use of nofollow crap, and replies. I’m sorry for listing more don’ts that dos here, but hey, link building seems to be everybody’s hobby nowadays.

This is not a democratic place, it’s my place, and I’m known for my zero-BS tolerance. That means if somebody really annoys me or others, I’ll push the kill button. There’s no such thing as free speech for trolls here.

Of course disagreement and critique do not annoy me. I love challenges and a good discussion, also constructive critique usually helps me so I appreciate such comments. That does not mean it’s forbidden to feed my ego by the way. ;)

Long story short: just be nice, don’t do evil, and behave. A sentence with more than five instances of “fuck” obfuscates its message unless it’s an x-rated ad. I’m not after a #1 ranking for “dumbass” or “moron”, but “assclown” is fine with me as long as the term refers to other places or persons and is applied accurately. Actually, everything with “assclown” in it must be good.

Feel free to link out if you think a reference adds value to your comment, regardless whether it’s from your own site or elsewhere. Please use my beloved A element and its attributes HREF TITLE and REL (just in case you want to condomize a particular link yourself). Link out loud with nice anchor text and try to avoid URL drops.

If I think a link’s destination is crap or falls under Google FUD, I’ll condomize or remove it. I don’t link to sales pitches, so please don’t feel offended when I remove a link. I moderate all posts with an URL, so please don’t wonder why some of your posts appear instantly and others go to the moderation queue.

As for moderation, I dont approve linked me-too comments, and comments written just for the purpose of inserting a link here get marked as spam and submitted to the right places. I delete signatures without notice, please put your blog or so in the URL field instead.

When I’m busy it may last a while until I can approve comments, please don’t repost. Thanks for your understanding.

My Privacy Policy

Of course I didn’t set up this blog to collect email addresses from comment authors. I don’t trash them either. That means, if you leave an email addy in a comment here, and later on I might need to contact you for whatever reason, I’ll use it. I don’t send out spam, and don’t hand out your email addy unless a judge requests it for a very good reason written on official paper with a court’s seal.

As for cookies, I’ve no clue why folks are so cookie paranoid, but many are, so here is this site’s cookie handling. Some WordPress functionality requires cookies, so if you don’t accept them, it doesn’t work. Widgets like the MBL visitors list touch your cookies too, but that’s why you’ve signed up there in the first place, so don’t whine. I might install a Web analytics script here some day, and then your visits will be tracked. Again, nothing to worry, I won’t sell or share click stream data.

As far as I know there’s nothing else to worry about.

Nothing published here is in the public domain

Don’t scrape my stuff. Don’t publish my feeds and don’t reprint my posts. Please quote within the rules of fair use and link to the source. I do make use of DMCA complaints and other legal ways to shut content thieves down. Everything else is written in the footer under “Copyright © by Sebastian’s Pamphlets”:

Reprinting or excessive quoting, publishing my RSS feeds or scraping my contents for republishing is not permitted. Plagiarists and copycats may find their search engine result pages somewhat cluttered if I get upset. Fair use of quotes with a link to the source on this site are fine with me and appreciated.

I no longer delete my outing pages or statements elsewhere when my content gets removed at places which shouldn’t have stolen it in the first place. If you steal my stuff then it’s not my problem when your banker does a search for your name or company and the first search result comes with a creative title tag of mine.

Linking policy

I do fancy stuff with links. Usually they’re editorial votes. Sometimes they’re sneakily condomized. Don’t believe in toolbar PageRank, CSS tricks, and source code views. More info in my linking policy.

If I feel the need to update a particular policy I might do that without notice. If a change is significant, I’ll historize properly and/or leave a comment below.

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3 Comments to "My policies on comments, privacy, and plagiarism"

  1. Lorna on 6 October, 2007  #link

    Gosh, I love your comment policy — do you know of a site that can generate a comment policy (like *snickers*
    It irks me too that a small number commentors in my site do those one-line posts just for backlinks, so I think a disclaimer like this may scare them a bit.

  2. Sebastian on 6 October, 2007  #link

    Thanks. :) I write such stuff myself, without the “help” of a link farm for german ringtone spammers. ;)

  3. […] Don’t freak out when you use CSS that highlights nofollow’ed links. SezWho manipulates the original (mostly dofollow’ed) author link with JavaScript, hence search engines still recognize that a link shall pass PageRank and anchor text. (I condomize some link drops, for example when I don’t know a site and can’t afford the time to check it out, see my comments policy.) […]

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