This blog is the continuation of sebastianx.blogspot.com. In August 2007 I moved Sebastian’s Pamphlets from Blogger to Wordpress. Read on. When I’m ready with the move and its aftermaths, I’ll donate content for this page. Meanwhile please refer to these posts:

You can find me as “Sebastian” at my preferred hangouts Google’s Webmaster Forum and Sphinn, and as “Sebastian X” at many other places where my first name was taken already. Hook me up Sebastian X on Twitter (SebastianX on Twitter) ||


Best SEO Blog on the NetSebastian’s Pamphlets, err yours truly, is proud to be listed under “best SEO/SEM blogs on the ‘net” by Toprank! And with a that nice description … :)

For the 2007 blog awards click here, and feel free to consume more ego food here.

This is my personal speaking tube. My pamphlets do not express the opinion of any company I used to work for, work for, will work for, would like to work for, nor Google and Yahoo! (I don’t write about MSN or Ask usually). Actually, I can imagine that one or two entities in that list would prefer this blog would not exist. Hiring me will not change the tone, but don’t hesitate to contact me coz I appreciate job offers very much (I’m choosy though): Twitter command line: d SebastianX [Your message]

Everything I write about is paid-for, usually with experience gathered by practicing.
Dear F.T.C, this one is just for you.
Should I ever get paid –speaking of green or free samples or whatever– for a post, or parts of it, it will be clearly disclosed (example).
In general, this blog is heavily sponsored by the wisdom of the W3C and other organizations that try to make sense of the Internet.

Crabs walk sideways:

Do not confuse crabs and lobsters. Say thanks to Netmeg for the debunking video. #education

From today on I’ll call this atheist red crab an Islamist. Until the disgusting islamophobia gets wiped out on this planet. Inshaa’Allah [Please RT]

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