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A tweetable state of the mess in the middle east

Syria today: rogue actors like Iran, Russia, ISIS & the Assad regime commit countless war crimes on a daily basis. The international community (UN…) supports them not only diplomatically. Some of them, like the USA, are responsible for war crimes, too.

There’s no worse term than ‘the war on terror’. It’s abused to slaughter & displace millions of peaceful people, mostly sunni muslims, with impunity - not only in the middle east. It created the so-called ‘refugee crisis’.

In fact, today the label ‘war on terror’ stands for ruthless state terrorism carried out by tyrants as well as international powers against the people of Syria, Iraq, … for the sole purpose of fighting their desire for freedom and dignity.

All major world powers, especially the USA, Russia, China … as well as most EU countries, directly and/or indirectly support, arm and train terrorist organizations like Hezbollah or PKK. None of these states developed a sane strategy against terrorism.

One can’t defeat terrorists by making (tactical) use of other terrorists. It makes no sense to support Hezbollah & PKK (Russia, USA) against ISIS. Substitution of a terrorist occupation force in any area only creates even more militants from the ranks of the oppressed people.

It’s very important to understand that the root cause for terrorism is oppression, not ideology, and especially not religion. Arab tyrants, installed post-colonialism, backed by all countries ‘for the sake of stability’ since then, created the bloody mess in the middle east.

When the Iranian mullahs installed a terrorist regime, not better or perhaps even worse than Arab tyrannies in the region, and began to intervene in their neighbors internal affairs, they added sectarianism to the cooking pot of animosities in the middle east.

Naturally, local resistance against Arab tyrants spilled over into western countries over time, because those countries were rightfully recognized as guarantors and supporters of the Arab tyrants, and a zionist apartheid regime (another oppressor) installed by them.

The Iranian mullahs, shia muslims, were delighted to support (even sunni) militant movements all across the planet, because creating chaos and power vacuums fits their evil agenda, allowing them to sneak in and dominate foreign countries via proxies.

There’s no such thing as a democracy in the middle east. Not even in Israel, where the children and grandchildren of an oppressed european minority who were faced with a genocide brutally oppress the Palestinians. The whole region is ruled by fascists.

The closest thing to democracy in the middle east are the local coordination committees and local councils elected in liberated towns and villages in Syria. On this level, each leader’s performance is monitored on a daily basis, by the people she/he rules.

A leader not acting in the very best interest of the people gets challenged, and, eventually, replaced by the people if necessary. This process is defined in and ruled by Islamic law, and such decisions are carried out without harming anyone except possibly convicted criminals.

Because such local self-government works that well, even in a war-economy since 2011, it’s a major threat to the nation’s tyrant, Bashar al-Assad, as well as to all rulers in the middle east and their foreign backers.

Imagine those local councils gather on a regional level (governorate) to elect regional leaders. Next the governorate’s people representatives could elect a national leadership, or even call for nationwide fair elections. D’oh!

Each and every Arab tyrant as well as all his international backers must avoid such a scenario at all costs. A middle east ruled by the will of its population would threaten the profits of international (oil) companies, which fund the tyrants.

That’s why all the world’s countries let the Syrian tyrant Bashar al-Assad and his Iranian and Russian allies continue the genocide, which killed at least one million, wounded millions more, and displaced at least 11 million Syrians, many of them to foreign countries.

That’s why world powers like the USA and Russia literally invent so-called terrorist groups, locating those in the liberated areas of Syria, in order to have an excuse to bomb the civilians out of their homes, forcing them to flee Syria or waste away in IDP camps.

Each and every IDP or refugee is a win for Bashar al-Assad and Iran, assisting their demographic re-engineering towards a tyrant-ruled Syria without any opposition. Gazillions of Iranians and shia foreigners already took over properties of displaced natives.

Every society includes (fundamentalist) extremists, by the way America and Europe way more than Syria. Extremists ain’t good at all. In case of Syria, very few extremists on the ground are used by foreign powers to label the whole Syrian society extremist.

Labelling the whole liberated areas of Syria as ‘al-Qaeda land’ is not only plain wrong. It’s an attempt to criminalize the peaceful Syrian people who want to get rid of a brutal tyranny by all means necessary.

The tyrant Bashar al-Assad waged a war on the Syrian people peacefully calling for freedom and dignity. His regime shot protesters, deploying tanks, air force, and even chemical weapons against protesting civilians.

No wonder most of the Syrian army defected, turning their weapons against the regime to protect the Syrian people. Assad imported foreign terrorists like Hezbollah and Iranian troops in order to crush the rebellion.

Meanwhile the former ‘Syrian Arab Army’ degenerated to a catering service serving foreign militias, most of them designated as terrorist organizations by all world powers.

Despite that, Assad’s mafia clan, who brutally runs Syria as a family farm considering all Syrians as slaves, is considered a ‘government’ by the international community. In fact, Assad’s mafia clan is an occupation force.

Assad’s mafia clan is not the sole occupation force. Meanwhile Iranian and Russian troops joined his shabiha militias in oppressing the Syrian people. Rogue states, including North Korea and Venezuela, support Assad.

The formerly peaceful Syrian movement against Assad’s terror, asking for freedom and dignity, was forced to take up arms in self-defense, such became an armed rebellion not only against a local tyrant, but an army fighting foreign occupation troops.

The peaceful movement is still alive. Each and every Friday Syrians in liberated areas come to the streets to protest against Assads’s tyranny, often killed by the bombs of Russian as well as Assad’s fighter jets and choppers throwing barrel bombs onto them.

So what’s about the extremists in Syria? They’re considered enemies by Syrians. Syrians fought countless battles against ISIS, and managed to chase them out of most liberated areas.

Assad’s regime, as well as the Russians and the Iranians fighting on Syrian soil, mostly supported ISIS in battles against free Syrians. Openly. Even today, in November 2017, Russians and Assad’s militias fight alongside ISIS terrorists against Syrian rebels in Hama.

As long as there’s an Assad regime, ISIS terrorists, as well as other extremists, will exist in Syria. As soon as there’s put an end to the Assad tyranny, those extremists will vanish, naturally, because they can’t exist without a totalitarian regime.

Unfortunately, the USA and all their allies back Russia as well as Assad in their war against the free Syrian people. It seems, the USA has an interest in prolonging such conflicts.

Also, by carpet bombing civilian neighborhoods, weddings, and even mosques in the middle east, not even trying to target terrorists but solely killing civilians, the US breeds new generations of militants hostile to the criminal US regime.

That’s done intentionally. Not even the most dumbfounded US general could believe that targeting civilians over decades could bring peace to this planet. They commit war crimes and crimes against humanity for the sole purpose of keeping their military going.

Rogue states like Russia and Iran, and most probably soon China, make the most out of the American state terrorism. They do win on the ground, enabled by an America that pretends to be their foe but is their best friend.

America is doomed. It just didn’t occur to leading American assclowns, that decades of trying the same bullshit approach over and over again won’t produce different results in each iteration.

Many millions of slaughtered muslims in the middle east pay the price for this weird American dream.

The people of the middle east ain’t solely killed by American pilots, American artillery or cruise missiles, but also by countless local extremists raised by American wars, American diplomacy, and US economic power.

As long as the current America has a presence in the middle east, enabling Arab tyrants as well as (not only) Kurdish and Shia terrorists to oppress the population, the daily killing won’t end. It will increase. It will spill over to all western countries.

May peace prevail by an imploding America caused by Trump’ish self-destruction, an imploding Russian imperialism caused by the greed of Putin’s comrades, bankruptcy of China for pissing off everyone, as well as an implosion of european power that actually never existed.

ʾIn shāʾa llāh

(Pick a quote you like and agree with, then tweet it. Thanks in advance.)

PS: I’m totally not anti-American. I suffer from a zero-bullshit-tolerance. And yes, ‘refugee crisis’ is a term as evil as ‘war on terror’. (Clarification added in response to reactions.)

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