Just another victim of the nofollow plague

It’s evil, it sucks even more than the crappy tinyurl nonsense obfuscating link destinations, nobody outside some SEO cliques really cares about or noticed it, I’m not sure it’s newsworthy because it’s perfectly in line with rel-nofollow semantics, but it annoys me and others so here is the news of late last week: Twitter drank the nofollow kool-aid.

Folks, remove Twitter from your list of PageRank sources and drop links for fun and traffic only. I wonder whether particular people change their linking behavior on Twitter or not. I won’t.

Nofollow crap on TwitterFollowing Nofollow’s questionably tradition of maximizing collateral damage Twitter nofollows even links leading to Matt’s mom’s charity site. More PageRank power to you, Betty Cutts! Your son deserves a bold nofollow for inventing the beast ;)

Twitter should hire a SEO consultant because they totally fuck up on search engine friendliness.

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2 Comments to "Just another victim of the nofollow plague"

  1. More nofollow B.S. on 27 August, 2007  #link

    […] proliferation of the misuse of Nofollow has been called a plague before but I am starting to consider it an epidemic, which needs some severe attention […]

  2. Sebastian on 19 June, 2009  #link

    @all Be outright evil and link to my Twitter profile w/o rel-nofollow.

    URI: http://m.twitter.com/SebastianX


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