Yahoo Pipes jeopardizes the integrity of the Internet

Update: This post, initially titled “No more nofollow-insane at Google Reader”, then updated as “(No) more nofollow-insane at Google Reader”, accused Google Reader of inserting nofollow crap. I apologize for my lazy and faulty bug report. Read the comments.

I fell in love with Yahoo pipes because that tool allowed me to funnel the tidbits contained in a shitload of noise into a more or less clear signal. Instead of checking hundreds of blog feeds, search query feeds and whatever else, I was able to feed my preferred reader with actual payload extracted from vast loads of paydirt digged from lots of sources.

Now that I’ve learned that Yahoo pipes is evil I guess I must code the filters myself. Nofollow insane is not acceptable. Nofollow madness jeopardizes the integrity of the Internet which is based on free linkage. I don’t need no stinking link condoms sneakily forced by nice looking tools utilizing nifty round corners. I’ll be way happier with a crappy and uncomfortable PHP hack feeded with OPML files and conditions pulled from a manually edited MySQL table.

Here is the evidence right from the Yahoo pipe output:
Also, abusing my links with target=”_blank” is not nice.

Initial post and its first update:

I’m glad Google has removed the auto-nofollow on links in blog posts. When I add a feed I trust its linkage and I don’t need no stinking condoms on pages nobody except me can see unless I share them. Thanks!

Update - Nick Baum, can you hear me?

It seems the nofollow-madness is not yet completely buried. Here is a post of mine and what Google Reader shows me when I add my blog’s feed:
Click to enlarge
And here is the same post filtered thru a Yahoo pipe:
Click to enlarge
So please tell me: why does Google auto-nofollow a link to Vanessa Fox when she gets linked via Yahoo, and uncondomizes the link from Google’s very own blogspot dot dom? Curious …

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6 Comments to "Yahoo Pipes jeopardizes the integrity of the Internet"

  1. Nick Baum on 13 April, 2007  #link

    Hi Sebastian,

    I’ve checked with our engineering team, and Google Reader doesn’t add any nofollow attributes. Perhaps they are inserted in some other step along the way?



  2. Sebastian on 13 April, 2007  #link

    Thanks Nick!

    You’re right. I apologize for my laziness. Yahoo’s pipe output indeed adds nofollow crap to each and every link.

    Sorry for blaming you, I’m going to edit this post accordingly.

    Thanks again for stopping by and investigating my faulty bug report.

  3. Nick Baum on 14 April, 2007  #link

    Hi Sebastian,

    No worries, glad you figured it out!


  4. Sebastian on 14 April, 2007  #link

    Hi Nick,

    even if I don’t worry I could bite my ass for the inaccurateness, usually I do better research before I post. That just did not comply to my standards :)


  5. LZZR Linking™ on 21 August, 2007  #link

    […] involves Yahoo! Pipes, which is evil. Certainly that’s a nice tool to compose feeds, but Yahoo! Pipes automatically inserts the evil nofollow crap. Hence using Pipes’ feed output to amplify links faults caused by the auto-nofollow. […]

  6. Alain-Christian on 10 May, 2009  #link

    Yahoo! Pipes is a piece of shit. I hate but I have no choice but to use it.

    I used to feel that way about Inmternet Explorer until Firefox came along and answered my prayers. We need an answer to Yahoo pipes.

    Did you know they strip the ABBR tag from your output? They also remove embed and object codes abd replace it with a useless iframe.

    What a piece of shit. I really hate Yahoo Pipes. Yahoo pipes SUCKS.

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