If you’re not an Amway millionaire avoid BlogRush like the plague!

Do not click BlogRush affiliate links before you’re fully awake. Oh no, you did it … now praise me because I’ve sneakily disabled the link and read on.

    My BlogRush Summary:

  1. You won’t get free targeted traffic to your niche blog.
  2. You’ll make other people rich.
  3. You’ll piss off your readers.
  4. You’ll promote BlogRush and get nothing in return.
  5. You shouldn’t trust a site fucking up the very first HTTP request.
  6. Pyramid schemes just don’t work for you.

You won’t get free targeted traffic to your niche blog

The niches you can choose from are way too broad. When you operate a niche blog like mine, you can choose “Marketing” or “Computers & Internet”. Guess what great traffic you gain with headlines about elegant click tracking or debunking meta refresh myths from blogs selling MySpace templates to teens or RFID chips to wholesalers? In reality you get hits via blogs selling diet pills to desperate housewives (from my referrer stats!) or viagra to old age pensioners, if you see a single BlogRush referrer in your stats at all. (I’ve read a fair amount of the hype about actually targeted headline delivery in BlogRush widgets. I just don’t buy it from what I see on blogs I visit.)

You’ll make other people rich

Look at the BlogRush widget in your or my sidebar, then visit lots of other niche blogs which are focused more or less on marketing related topics. All these widgets carry ads for generic marketing blogs pitching just another make me rich on the Internet while I sleep scheme or their very own affiliate programs. These blogs, all early adopters, will hoard BlogRush’s traffic potentials. Even if you can sign up at the root to place you at the top of the pyramid referral structure, you can’t avoid that the big boys with gazillions of owed impressions in BlogRush’s “marketing” queue dominate all widgets out there, your’s included. (I heard that John Reese will try to throw a few impressions on tiny blogs before niche bloggers get upset. I doubt that will be enough to keep his widgets up.)

You’ll piss off your readers

Even if some of your readers recognize your BlogRush widget, they’ll wonder why you recommend totally unrelated generic marketing gibberish on your nicely focused blog. Yes, every link you put on your site is a recommendation. You vouch for this stuff when you link out, even when you don’t control the widget’s content. Read Tamar’s Why the Fuss about BlogRush? to learn why this clutter is useless for your visitors. Finally, the widget slows your site down and your visitors hate long loading times.

You’ll promote BlogRush and get nothing in return

When you follow the advice handed out by BlogRush and pitch their service with posts and promotional links on your blog, then you help BlogRush to skyrocket at the search engines. That will bring them a lot of buzz, but you get absolute nothing for your promotional efforts because your referrer link doesn’t land on the SERPs.

You shouldn’t trust a site fucking up the very first HTTP request

Ok, that’s a geeky issue and you don’t need to take it very seriously. Request your BlogRush affiliate link with a plain user agent not accepting cookies or executing client sided scripting, then read the headers. BlogRush does a 302 redirect to their home page rescuing your affiliate ID in an unclosed base href directive. Chances are you’ll never get the promised credits from upsold visitors using uncommon user agents respectively browser settings, because they don’t manage their affiliate traffic properly.

Pyramid schemes just don’t work for you

Unfortunately, common sense is not as common as you might think. I’m guilty of that too, but I’ll leave my widget up for a while to monitor what it brings in. The promise of free traffic is just too alluring, and in fact you can’t lose much. If you want, experiment with it and waste some ad space, but pull it once you’ve realized that it’s not worth it.


This post was inspired by common sense, experience of life, and a shitload of hyped crap posts on Sphinn’s upcoming list where folks even created multiple accounts to vote their BlogRush sales pitches to the home page. If anything I’ve said here is not accurate or at least plausible, please submit a comment to set the records straight.

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30 Comments to "If you're not an Amway millionaire avoid BlogRush like the plague!"

  1. corey on 18 September, 2007  #link

    hey, cool blogrush widget

  2. JLH on 18 September, 2007  #link

    I’ve only had a few dozen referals so far, the probationary period is nearly over and it’s about to get axed off my site as well, but as you I’m keeping it on for now out of curiousity. Seems like it wasn’t ready for launch based on the amount of blank screens I see coupled with the slow stats.

  3. Jon Kelly on 18 September, 2007  #link

    I couldn’t agree more. Nothing says junky blog like a pryamid scheme hogging screen space, no matter which a-listers have endorsed it.

  4. Iantrepreneur on 18 September, 2007  #link

    wow great summary - goes along with what I say as well on this issue, where it will not help the little bloggers

  5. Maurice (TheCaymanHost) on 18 September, 2007  #link

    I’m enjoying reading all the conflicting opinions about BlogRush.

    I didn’t promote it specifically but I couldn’t resist throwing up the widget either. Although I already knew of your blog I clicked through from BR so if you want to discount me from your stats that’s fine ;-)
    I’ve had a handful of visitors out of 400 impressions but that’s probably got a lot to do with it being new and people just trying it for the sake of seeing where they land up.

    I don’t see it being any more useful or harmful than a BlogCatalog type widget, but then I’m not in a well defined niche. Maybe over time they will improve the targeting categories.

    My widget stays for now on an experimental basis.

  6. clangnuts on 18 September, 2007  #link

    I was instantly wary of this widget, as I heard about it in a spam email! (I check the junk every now and then, just in case).

    Anyone who tries to get me to use their widget, using spam will fail.

    Besides, I’m trying to cut down on the blog clutter these days.

  7. Matt Jones on 19 September, 2007  #link

    I’m not a big BlogRush supporter, but you don’t have any evidence to back up those claims. You are gaining attention by deliberately going against the buzz, which is fine, but it’s a risky game to play without any hard facts.

  8. Sebastian on 19 September, 2007  #link

    Matt, besides the facts I have (mentioned in my post or not) I think I can post my opinions in the way I did. The risk for BlogRush is not joining the discussion. I saw them commenting on a few blogs, and I’m sure they do ego searches, that’s why I’ve invited them to drop a comment here. If I said anything which appears to be plain false later on, I’ll be happy to update my post. Unless someone proves that I’m wrong with my warning I stand by my post.

  9. Sebastian on 19 September, 2007  #link

    Thanks all for your comments. :)
    I’ve not yet seen any related headline in my BlogRush widget, except a lot of generic “Hello World!” posts which are related to everything. To my surprise my stats tell me that I got 200% more clicks than BlogRush reports on the dashboard.

  10. mark on 19 September, 2007  #link

    Not sure why people are getting so wound up over this widget, try to see the big picture. It’s not all about driving traffic. I use it to find blogs with related posts and interesting titles to mine then I pop over there read and comment.

    I usually get the #1 comment position which is where a lot of traffic will come from as blogrush picks up lots of fresh feeds.

    Of course the link love from the other blogs as well helps

  11. […] The last couple of days the SEO blogosphere has gone a bit Blogrush crazy, while some people seem to be getting real results from the blog widget, which promises you traffic if you share traffic, others have decried it as a obvious Pyramid scheme. […]

  12. Sebastian on 20 September, 2007  #link

    Todays failure report:

    Credits increase crazily, impressions sunk, traffic next to zilch, the first of my referrers gave up. And no, I will not shorten my titles just because they can’t design a widget that features longer headlines properly. Who the fuck is BlogRush to tell the blogosphere how to title posts in order to fit an insane restriction of a widget that actually not even drives traffic. That’s a lame excuse. The outage error messages suck ass. I don’t have technical problems, hence they must not display such a fucked out message on my blog. My crap-o-meter blinks red and rings incessantly.

  13. Symbian on 20 September, 2007  #link

    BlogRush now has a working dashboard with statistics.

  14. […] looking widget (it won’t even integrate into most blog themes nicely) but I’m not alone Sebastian also has decided against BlogRush his reasoning […]

  15. Sebastian on 20 September, 2007  #link

    Yep, stats to proof failure.

  16. Richard Hearne on 22 September, 2007  #link

    How is it that people always fall for pyramid schemes? Everyone knows that by definition they have to fail at some point.

    The only way to get ahead is to cheat :)
    I give it 4-6 weeks more life (or less if everyone starts spamming and jamming)

  17. Sebastian on 24 September, 2007  #link

    So true Richard. I’ll move the widget to a links page soon. It makes no sense to advertise hello-world posts on splogs in exchange for less than a handful of clicks daily.

  18. Sebastian on 24 September, 2007  #link

    It was no fun while it lasted. My sidebar looks better without the BlogRush widget. Only because I hate abandoned nodes I left one instance on the links page.

  19. JLH on 24 September, 2007  #link

    They’d have a fighting chance if their statistics actually showed all of the referrals but it doesn’t when compared to actual site stats. Removing it from my sites is on the to-do list. Shoemoney and friends already have enough traffic, they don’t need my minuscule contribution.

  20. Jen on 11 October, 2007  #link

    They rejected me because the quality of my blog was too low. I didn’t have enough “unique content” (I wrote all of it myself, so WTF?) and they “carefully” reviewed by blog “by hand”. Yah, in about 20 minutes at 1:00am. I’m sure they did. Well, no love lost there.

  21. LPF on 22 October, 2007  #link

    Oooh, interesting about that HTTP redirect thing.

    So does that mean that we simply won’t be credited with our downlines, or that our downlines are going to bypass us and get credited to someone else, or both?

    Or does it mean something else altogether?

  22. Mark on 22 October, 2007  #link

    My Blog was rejected also, even though I don’t show adverts, have no dodgy content, update each day with fresh home made content and have the site content sydicated on other quality blogs! I guess not being a ‘get rich scheme’ or a HYIP scam means that our blog is not ‘high enough quality’…. Another pyramid scheme bites the dust…

  23. Sebastian on 22 October, 2007  #link

    I got this ridiculous email yesterday:

    Your BlogRush Account Is Now INACTIVE

    We regret to inform you that your BlogRush Account has been made INACTIVE because your blog did not pass our Quality Review criteria. You will find instructions below for making your account active again.

    You will notice that the widget no longer loads on your pages — please remove the BlogRush code from your blog for now.

    We recently reviewed your blog(s) located at:

    We determined that your blog did not meet our strict quality guidelines. Please do not take this personally but realize that we must abide by a very strict set of quality guidelines. (They are listed below.)

    If you feel you have made the necessary changes to your blog(s) to meet our guidelines, you can resubmit your blog(s) for review after this date:
    Wednesday, November 21, 2007

    When you login to your account after this date you will notice a similar “inactive” notification message but you will find a “RESUBMIT” button (on that page) that you can use to resubmit your blog for review.

    *OR* you can submit a different blog (right now) by following the appropriate link on that same page. (That you will see when you login.)

    Your account will not earn syndication credits while it is INACTIVE. However, our system will continue to track the growth of your referral network so you won’t lose any referrals while your account is inactive. As soon as your account is ACTIVE again you will begin to earn credits on any activity from your own traffic AND from the activity of your referral network.

    Below is a complete list of our quality guidelines…

    BlogRush Quality Guidelines:

    - The blog contains unique, quality content that provides opinions, insights, and/or recommended resources that provide value to readers of the blog. Articles, videos, public domain works, press releases, and content written by others are okay to be used on the blog, but the ratio of unique content should far outweigh content from other sources.

    - The blog should be updated on a regular basis (at least several times a month) and should not just go a few months between posts.

    - The blog should already contain at least 10-12 quality posts. New blogs with very little content will not be accepted.

    - The blog’s primary contain must be in English. BlogRush is currently not available for non-English blogs.

    - The blog should not contain an excessive amount of advertising and links and very little actual content. The focus of the blog should be quality content.

    - The primary content of the blog should not be “scraped” content from other sources and/or script-generated pages for the sole purpose of search engine rank manipulation. The focus of the blog should be quality content.

    - The blog’s content (or advertising) should not contain any of the following types of content: hate, anti-racial, terrorism, drug-related, hacking, phishing, fraud, pornographic, nudity, warez, gambling, copyright infringement, obscene or disgusting material of any kind, or anything considered illegal.

    Best Regards,

    The BlogRush Team

    Judging from this email the BlogRush review was done by an amoeba. *OR* the Reese dude didn’t like this post. Never mind.

  24. […] Tampon Blog are considered “high quality” by clueless amoebas hired by BlogRush, many great blogs like Tamar’s were banned by the Reeve […]

  25. LPF on 23 October, 2007  #link

    This is a cop-out, big-time.

    JR has taken the easy way out. Make ALL blogs inactive and invite all inactive blogs to apply again, which is when the much-vaunted, so-called audit finally happens.

    IMHO, a dumb thing to do.

    Don’t think they’re going to to a good job even so. They messed up hugely before and it appears they still don’t know what they’re doing.

    Another dumb thing. JR has closed all comments about BR on his Income.com site. Okay, he had to because of the profanity coming in. But now everyone is going to take their comments about BR to other blogs. Resulting in negative publicity for BR (and more traffic for other blogs).

    This latest move might just kill off BR completely.

  26. Sebastian on 23 October, 2007  #link

    This latest move might just kill off BlogRush completely.

    LPF, I second that. A “service” hiring brain dead monkeys for quality reviews kills itself on the Web. John Reeve’s on-line suicide is plain pathetic.

  27. […] BlogRush, You’re Kidding Me BlogRush amoebas ban high quality blogs in favor of crap It Ain’t No Cure For BlogRash Farewell BlogRush Blogrush is a scam BlogRush was a waste of time Avoid BlogRush like the plague […]

  28. Tori on 26 November, 2007  #link

    This article rocks. It couldn’t be more accurate. I am totally linking to this.
    You hit the nail on the head with everything you wrote. BlogRush is a huge scam. They closed my accoutn because my work from home website is “pornographic” - PaidOpps.BlogSpot.com. Check it out. lol.

    Oh, did I mention I have over 100 referrals? Bastards!

  29. Dawn on 27 September, 2008  #link

    I notice this post is almost a year old, I have recently gave BlogRush a chance to see how they work. I am wondering after a year to solve their issues what you think of them now? I notice there is no widget in your sidebar. .. Does the widget really promote “junky” on blogs?

  30. Sebastian on 29 September, 2008  #link

    It’s junk. It promotes junk.

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