Which Sebastian Foss is a spammer?

Obviously pissed by my post Fraud from the desk of Sebastian Foss, Sebastian Foss sent this email to Smart-IT-Consulting.com:

Remove your insults from your blog about my products and sites… as you may know promote-biz.net is not registered to my name or my company.. just look it up in some whois service. This is some spammer who took my software and is now selling it on his spammer websites. Im only selling my programs under their original .com domains and you did not receive any email from me since im only using doube-optin lists.

You may not know it - but insulting persons and spreading lies is under penalty.

Sebastian Foss
Sebastian Foss e-trinity Marketing Inc.

Well, that’s my personal blog, and I’ve a professional opinion about the software Sebastian Foss sells, more on that later. It’s public knowledge that spammers do register domains under several entities to obfuscate their activities. I’m not a fed, and I’m not willing to track down each and every multiple respectively virtual personality of a spammer, so I admit that there’s at least a slight possibility that the Sebastian Foss spamming my inbox from promote-biz.net is not the Sebastian Foss who wrote and sells the software promoted by the email spammer Sebastian Foss. Since I still receive email spam from the desk of Sebastian Foss at promote-biz.net, I think there’s no doubt that this Sebastian Foss is a spammer. Well, Sebastian Foss himself calls him a spammer, and so do I. Confused? So am I. I’ll update my other post to reflect that.

Now that we’ve covered the legal stuff, lets look at the software from the desk of Sebastian Foss.

  • Blog Blaster claims to submit “ads” to 2,000,000 sites. Translation: Blog Blaster automatically submits promotional comments to 2 million blogs. The common description of this kind of “advertising” is comment spam.
    Sebastian Foss tells us that “Blog Blaster will automatically create thousands of links to your website - which will rank your website in a top 10 position!”. The common description of this link building technique is link spam.
    The sales pitch signed by Sebastian Foss explains “I used it [Blog Blaster] to promote my other website called ezinebroadcast.com and Blog Blaster produced thousands of links to ezinebroadcast.com - resulting in a #1 position in Google for the term “ezine advertising service”. So I understand that Sebastian Foss admits that he is a comment spammer and a link spammer.
    I’d like to see the written permissions of 2,000,000 bloggers allowing Sebastian Foss and his customers to spam their blogs: “Advertising using Blog Blaster is 100% SPAM FREE advertising! You will never be accused of spamming. Your ads are submitted to blogs whose owners have agreed to receive your ads.” Laughable, and obviously a lie. Did Sebastian Foss remember that “spreading lies is under penalty”? Take care, Sebastian Foss!
  • Feed Blaster with a very similar sales pitch aims to create the term feed spam. Also, it seems that FeedBlaster™ is a registered trademark of DigitalGrit Inc. And I don’t think that Microsoft, Sun and IBM are happy to spot their logos on Sebastian Foss’ site e-trinity Internetmarketing GmbH
  • The Money License System aka Google Cash Machine seems to slip through a legal loophole. May be it’s not explicit illegal to sell software build to to trick Google Adwords respectively AdSense or ClickBank, but using it will result in account terminations and AFAIK legal actions too.
  • Instant Booster claims to spam search engines, and it does, according to many reports. The common term applied to those techniques is web spam.

All these domains (and there are countless more sites selling similar scams from the desk of Sebastian Foss) are registered by Sebastian Foss respectively his companies e-trinity Internetmarketing GmbH or e-trinity Marketing Inc.

He’s in the business of newsgroup spam, search engine spam, comment spam … probably there’s no target left out. Searching for Sebastian Foss scam and similar search terms leads to tons of rip-off reports.

He’s even too lazy to rephrase his sales pitches, click a few of the links provided above, then search for quoted phrases you saw on every sales pitch to get the big picture. All that may be legal in Germany, I couldn’t care less, but it’s not legit. Creating and selling software for the sole purpose of spamming makes the software vendor a spammer. And he’s proud of it. He openly admits that he uses his software to spam blogs, search engines, newsgroups and whatever. He may make use of affiliates and virtual entities who send out the email spam, perhaps he got screwed by a chinese copycat selling his software via email spam, but is that relevant when the product itself is spammy?

What do you think, is every instance of Sebastian Foss a spammer? Feel free to vote in the comments.

Update 08/01/2007 Here is the next email from the desk of Sebastian Foss:

thanks for the changes on your blog entry - however like i mentioned if you look up the domains which were advertised in the spam mails you will notice that they are not registered to me or my company. You can also see that visiting the sites you will see some guy took my products and is selling them for a lower price on his own websites where he is also copying all of my graphic files. The german police told me that they are receiving spam from your forms and that it goes directly to their trash… however please remove your entries about me from your blog - There is no sense in me selling my own products for a lower price on some cheap, stolen websites - if that would make sense then why do i have my own .com domains for my products ? I just want to make clear that im not sending out any spam mails - please get back to me.


Sebastian Foss
e-trinity Internetmarketing GmbH

It deserves just a short reply:

It makes perfect sense to have an offshore clone in China selling the same outdated and pretty much questionable stuff a little cheaper. This clone can do that because first there’s next to no costs like taxes and so on, and second he does it per spamming my inbox on a daily base, hence probably he sells a lot of the ‘borrowed’ stuff. Whether or not the multiple Sebastian Fosses are the same natural person is not my problem. I claim nothing but leave it up to you dear reader’s speculation, common sense, and probability calculation.

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21 Comments to "Which Sebastian Foss is a spammer?"

  1. Anonymous on 21 June, 2007  #link

    Thank you sir!
    If you like a refund just send me the order number - just like every other customer.

    Thank you!
    Sebastian Foss
    – CEO e-trinity Marketing Inc.
    – Personal Wealth Coach

    —– Original Message —–
    From: Changed name
    To: sebastian@etrinity-mail.com
    Sent: Thursday, June 21, 2007 3:34 AM
    Subject: website

    Let me tell you something, I am from america, where spreading lies and insults, is NOT under penalty, and let me tell you something else, you scammed more than just me, and I have Reported you to:

    and The German Police

    You need to start refunding if you want to guarentee it!

    Here is the emial i am referring to:

    Remove your insults from your blog about my products and sites… as you may know promote-biz.net is not registered to my name or my company.. just look it up in some whois service. This is some spammer who took my software and is now selling it on his spammer websites. Im only selling my programs under their original .com domains and you did not receive any email from me since im only using doube-optin lists.

    You may not know it - but insulting persons and spreading lies is under penalty.

    Sebastian Foss
    Sebastian Foss e-trinity Marketing Inc.

    i got it off of a website called Blogspot, where you threatened someone, and guess what. Blogspot is registered to Google inc. Google is an AMERICAN company. people can post whatever they please about you on there, i know i am, im going to post how you scammed me on money back, and i have the proof to show it.


    Thats the message i sent him, i know harsh, but true, and about 15-30 seconds later he sent me back what it said, which maked me think its automated, but ill find out, i sent him back the order number…

    Visa said they were doing everything they could, but it was hard because he was in another country.

    Havent heard from mastercard

    Paypal said Buyer Protection covers it.

    So there s what i got from it, have fun!

  2. Sebastian on 21 June, 2007  #link

    Well, one cannot post everything in America, but outing spam or scams is certainly not considered slander. As for Google, I guess they don’t like him at the plex, because he sells doorway page generators, blog spam scripts, and tools toying with Google’s services.

  3. Torsten on 30 July, 2007  #link

    #1 position in Google for the term “ezine advertising service” - pretty amibitious!

    What if i want the #1 position for “dogs dancing in the Med”? Do I need to spam 15 million blogs?

  4. Sebastian on 30 July, 2007  #link

    Nope, just create a Web page with “dogs dancing in the Med” in the title and donate it a link :)

  5. william strong on 28 October, 2007  #link

    Sebastian Foss lies when he told that person that they only had to contact him for a refund.I tried countless times to contact him after he changed all of my access codes to deny me access to all of his sites that I’d paid for.He then turned around & re-sold them!If he disputes this ask him why he is bannedfrom Clickbank who refunded all of my money.He is scum

  6. mandeep on 4 December, 2007  #link

    sebastian foss is fuckinf foss coz what he sell is crap. there is no help either from him of for that matter his company e trinity.

    they all lie

  7. Mark on 20 December, 2007  #link

    Well I was a mug and bought this product. After two weeks of use, I’ve not had one visitor as a result. I use google analytics extensively and it show up no extra hits, no extra sites linking, and neither does Google’s webmaster tools.

    It’s just a scam - say “No!” to feedblaster. and save your money.

    Can I really get a refund via my credit card company?

  8. bill strong on 2 January, 2008  #link

    Sebastian foss is the biggest ripoff going.I bought just about all of his products-through Clickbank-& got nothing but trouble & certainly no sales.Then 1 day I discovered that I no longer could log-in to any of the sites nor would they come up.No response from him to numerous emails to ho=is support desk.No refund,no contact,no nothing!Now the son of a bitch has the nerve to market the exact same products to me all over again!!When I tried to confront him-no response.Anyone buying his stuff thru Clickbank should contact them for refund(he’s banned from C/B.I’d pay a lot to be locked in a quiet room with him.

  9. Ben on 6 January, 2008  #link

    Small world this is! I also looked into some of his “programs” before, and really, never seen such a bunch of absolutely crap before.

    What is even funnier, is the following statement he uses on most of his sites (see moneybank.com for one):-
    “Using my automated program I have developed, just insert your Name and your ClickBank Nickname.
    …click just 1 button…
    …your are only minutes away from making a steady flow of money every week. ”

    Yes, you click a button on his app, it generates a one page html, which you then need to promote yourself!

    Also, a statement he uses on most of his other sites:-
    “You will receive my personal email address so I can help you succeed!”

    Now, on moneybank it was sebastian@monyebank.com, and the others the same, his name plus domain where you buy it from. I send emails to these on various occasions, no response. He is a joke.

    This statement also makes me laugh :-
    “The MoneyBank.com System will create and set up your online Businesses 99.% automatically for you!”
    He reckons that to promote a website is only 1% of the strategy to make money online!

    Dont even get me started on Hitbooster!

  10. Pete on 3 February, 2008  #link

    He is definately a scammer. the more we can do to let everyone know the better. He wont answer my emails and his payment company is run by him as well. so thats why there is never an answer from him…

  11. alex on 1 August, 2008  #link

    Definitely spam. There are some more software floating around the internet. One from inet giant for e-mail advertising, i believe all of them could be the same company doing all sorts of e-mail , ezine to 1-2 million people in under $40.00. I must say sounds very very good but it can’t be true and i have read reviews from people in most forums, blogs who have been ripped off by these companies.

  12. rfb on 18 September, 2008  #link

    I ordered a program called rapidriches. As of this date, no working download link, alot of blank page not found and error 404 page not found dead ends. I have requested a refund through swreg and directly to this fella’s email. No reply so far.

    I am about to file a claim through my state’s internet buisness fraud investigations department, they have had 100 percent prosecution rate in finding, prosecuting and putting in prison people who steal and scam others online.

    I hope it doesnt have to go that far Mr Foss. Refund my money as you promise or Im taking it to the next levels.

  13. Sebastian on 29 September, 2008  #link

    You’re not alone.

    As a side note: I delete comments promoting crap while whining about Sebastian Foss’ business attitude, but it’s somewhat interesting to read how many scammers were fucked by this guy, respectively his chinese clone.

  14. rfb on 29 September, 2008  #link

    Its ok because I was able to freeze my accounts before the distributing company that carries this guy’s garbage was able to complete the transaction process..thus Mr. Foss got NOTHING!!! HAHA! You loose Mr. Foss.

    It took less than 10 seconds to lock my accounts, and then once the distributor and their parent company realized it wss not worth the hastle and posted a credit instead of a charge, my account showed that credit refund and everything is fine.

    Folks, learn a lesson here as I did and keep the old saying in mind…”If it sounds too good to be ture..it is”!!


  15. Barry Myers on 8 October, 2008  #link

    I ordered income builder (Order #: U29435765), and I am still waiting. Also purchased was a one-year Extended Download Service, whereas if I lost the download, I could retreive it through that service…..NOTHING WORKS!!! When I clicked on your download link, I received an Error message. I have sent countless emails to Sebastian Foss and also to your company….also left telephone message to return my call……NOTHING HAPPENS!!!!! Why am I being ignored?
    All I request is that I am given what I purchased. Please help. Barry Myers

  16. Sebastian on 8 October, 2008  #link

    Hi Barry,

    when you’ve read my blog posts, you should know that I’m not Sebastian Foss:


    Actually, this guy has pissed me off way too often. On my blog I’ve posted his coordinates, and even a form supplied by the german police (he lives in Germany) to report his countless scams to the authorities.

    Unfortunately, you have to write off your money. As far as I know he never delivers anything useful, and he never refunds payments. Also, someone –perhaps Sebastian Foss himself (although there’s no evidence I’m aware of)– sells his stuff via a site in China that isn’t trackable by western authorities. Do a search for his name or his companies to learn more at various rip-off resources across the globe:

    I’m so sorry I can’t help you


  17. Brigitte on 13 October, 2008  #link

    I have been ripped off by Sebastian Foss and his 100% guarantee is a monstruous lie.

    He managed to get into a team with John Denton who is not very clean and they got the nerve to call me!!!

    No matter how I try to block any spam from Sebastian Foss, there is always at least one once a week.

    I can`t wait to see the day that this guy goes to jail. He is a robber, and this is the truth, no matter the justifications he tries to put on the web.

    He stole my money when I was in good faith and I will never forget his face or his name.


  18. Frank on 24 March, 2009  #link

    Great to read about Sebastian Foss. My experience was back around 2003 to 2004. I bought his “Press Release SOFTWARE” which turned out be a few pages of schoolkids lesson on how to submit a press release.
    As soon as I saw it I asked for a refund as per his 30 day guarantee. You can guess what happened.
    This SOFTWARE was recommended by Mike G (Michael Glaspie) I wrote to him, after all he got the commission,and asked him to assist with getting the refund from Foss.
    Not only did this (reputable?) marketer ignore my emails but the had yhe hide to send me more recommendations to buy other products from con man Foss.
    It’s people like this that give the bad smell to internet marketing while ripping off newbies (in particular) who are desperate for proper information to learn.

  19. Thales on 22 December, 2009  #link

    I don’t know how but Sebastian [Foss] is still sending spams. He is the only one who got my secret email address and therefore the only one to send me spams. A quick search on the internet and I find this blog. I hope he goes bankrupt and that his kids starve… Love, Thales.

  20. Tom on 25 December, 2010  #link

    I also got an e-mail from Foss. Same story as Thales.

    Fucker. :(

  21. Paul H on 23 June, 2011  #link

    I received a similar email offering Blog-blaster.net. Name on this one was Michael Taylor. Wording same as described above re Foss. After a few minutes of due diligence I found this blog. Buyer beware.

    Interesting; the email I received at was an email address I only use for orders. So the emails are possible been farmed from my cart source or PayPal.

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