The Vanessa Fox Memorial

I was quite shocked when Vanessa told me that she’s leaving Google to join Zillow. That’s a big loss for Google, and a big loss for the Webmaster/SEO community relying on Google. And that’s a great enrichment for Zillow. I’m dead sure they can’t really imagine how lucky they are. And they better treat her very well, or Vanessa’s admirers will launch a firestorm which Rommel, Guderian, et al couldn’t have dreamed of when they’ve invented the blitz. Yep, at first sight that was sad news.

But it’s good news for Vanessa, she’s excited of “an all-new opportunity to work on the unique challenges of the vertical and local search space at Zillow”. I wish her all the best at Zillow and I hope that this challenge will not morph her into an always too tired caffeine junky (again) ;)

Back in 2005/2006 when I interviewed Vanessa on her pet sitemaps, her blogger profile said “technical writer in Kirkland” (from my POV an understatement), now she leaves Google as a prominent product manager, well known and loved by colleagues, SEOs and Webmasters around the globe. She created the Vanessa Fox Memorial aka “Google Webmaster Central” and handed her baby over to a great team she gathered and trained to make sure that Google’s opening to Webmasters evolves further. Regardless her unclimbable mount email Vanessa was always there to help, fix and clarify things, and open to suggestions even on minor details. She’s a gem, an admirable geek, a tough and lovably ideal of a Googler, and now a Zillower. Again, all the best, keep in touch, and

Thank You Vanessa!

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3 Comments to "The Vanessa Fox Memorial"

  1. JLH on 18 June, 2007  #link

    I’m going to miss her perspective on things.

  2. Sebastian on 18 June, 2007  #link

    Yep, but lets see how things evolve at WMC, it seems her spirit didn’t leave the team :)

  3. Vanessa Fox on 28 June, 2007  #link

    Thanks Sebastian,

    I agree, the team at WMC is fantastic and will keep doing great things.

    I doubt I’ll ever stop being a caffeine junky though. :)


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