The Top-5 Methods to Attract Search Engine Spiders

Full sized image copyrighted © by Leech Design 2000Folks on the boards and in news groups waste man years speculating on the best bait to entrap search engine spiders.

Stop posting, listen to the ultimate advice and boost your search engine traffic to the sky within a few months. Here are the five best methods to get a Web site crawled and indexed quickly:

5 Laying out milk and cookies attracts the Googlebot sisters.
4 Creating a Google Sitemap supports the Googlebot sisters.
3 Providing RSS feeds and adding them to MyYahoo decoys Slurp.
2 Placing bold dollar signs ‘$$‘ nearby the copyright or trademark notice drives the MSN bot crazy.
1 Spreading deep inbound links all over the Internet encourages all spiders to deep and frequent crawling and fast indexing as well.

Listen, there is only one single method that counts: #1. Forget everything you’ve heard about search engine indexing. Concentrate all your efforts on publishing fresh content and acquiring related inbound links to your content pages instead.

Link out to valuable pages within the body text and ask for a backlink. Keep your outbound links up, even if you don’t get a link back. Add a page to each content page and use it to trade links on the content page’s topic. Don’t bother with home page link exchanges.

Ignore tricky ‘backdoor’ advice. There is no such thing as a backdoor to a search engine’s index. Open your front door widely for the engines by actively developing deep inbound links. Once you’re indexed and ranked fairly, fine tune your search engine spider support. Best of luck.

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