Thanks for all the ego food!

healthy and organic ego food burgerDefine Ego Food : Healthy, organic food for Sebastian’s ego, so it can grow up big and strong.

[Please note that only organic ego-food-burgers are healthy, so please refrain from any blackhatted tactics when praising or flaming me. Also, don’t even think that the greedy guy on the right will answer to the name of Sebastian. Rednecks crabby old farts insurrectionists are bald and wear a black hat.]


I’m not yet sure whether the old year ended with an asc(33) or the new year started with an U+0021. However, I want to shout out a loud Thank You! to you, my dear readers. Thanks to you my pamphlets prosper.

I’m not only talking about your very much appreciated kind mentions1 on your blogs. What gets my lazy butt out of my bed to write more pamphlets is another highlight of my day: checking this blog’s MBL and Feedburner stats. In other words: I write because you read, sphinn and stumble my articles.

The 2007 Search Blog Awards

Despite my attempt to cheat my way to a search blog award with a single-candidate-category, Loren over at SEJ decided to accept a nomination of my pamphlets in the Best SEO Blog category. It was a honor to play in that league, and it means a lot to me.

Congrats to Barry, and thanks to the 150 people who voted for me!

Yep, I’ve counted even the 1/2/3-votes, in fact as constructive criticism. I’ve no clue whether the folks who gave me low ratings just didn’t know me or considerd my blog that worthless. Anyway, I take that very seriously and will try to polish up Sebastian’s Pamphlets for the next round.

The 2007 Rubber Chicken Awards (SEM version)

Runner up in the 2007 Rubber Chicken AwardIn related good news, I, Google’s nightmare, have almost won the 2007 Rubber Chicken Award for the dullest most bizarre SEO blog post.

Ranked in row two I’m in good company with Geraldine, Jeff and David. Another post of mine made it in row three.

Congrats to Matt and Sandra who won the most wanted award on the Web!

More Ego Food

While inserting my daily load of blatant comment-author-link spam on several blogs, last night I stumbled upon a neat piece of linkbait from Shaun and couldn’t resist to slap and discredit him. Eventually he banned me, but I can spam via email too. Read the result more ego food tonight: Sebastian’s sauced idiot version of robots.txt pulled by Shaun from the UK’s Scotland’s great Hobo SEO Blog.

What can I improve?

I’m really proud of such a great readership. What do you want to see here this year? I’m blogging in my spare time, but I’ll try to fulfill as many wishes as possible. Please don’t hesitate to post your requests here. Consider the comments my to-do list for 2008. Thank you again, and have a great year!

1  It seems I’m suffering from an inbound link penalty: Technorati recently discoverd my new URL but refuses to update my reputation, despite all my pings, so I’m stuck with a daily link count.

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12 Comments to "Thanks for all the ego food!"

  1. Mike Blumenthal on 9 January, 2008  #link

    That picture should show you eating Kentucky Fried Chicken….just let me know where to shovel that ego food :)
    Mike Blumenthal

  2. Sebastian on 9 January, 2008  #link

    Mike, I’ve emailed you my coordinates. Please stop by when you’re near my place and I’ll introduce you to ego food with Guinness. :)

  3. Hobo on 9 January, 2008  #link

    You’re time will come Sebastian :)

  4. Sebastian on 9 January, 2008  #link

    Shaun, actually it’s my time. I’m in your blog link spamming the hell out of every word that’s long enough to carry a link to my sites. ;)

  5. Hobo on 9 January, 2008  #link

    I did worry about that! Us Scottish people are just too trusting! :)

  6. Igor The Troll on 10 January, 2008  #link

    Well thank you for caring! Old Fart, but not bold fart..:) Malboro man or deap throat? Not many of us left out there and very dangerous because many pretend to be the real thing to social engineer the followers to believe they are for the cause…I gues you are not shy after all. sp…nice name. ™ But you can always know it is me! I am just an Idiot, and how can you copy an idiot..:)

  7. Mike Blumenthal on 10 January, 2008  #link


    Now why would I settle for Guiness when I could get you to buy me some of that German brew?


  8. Sebastian on 10 January, 2008  #link

    Mike, you choose the brewery :)

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