Comment rating and filtering with SezWho

I’ve added SezWho to the comment area. SezWho enables rating and filtering of comments, and shows you even comments an author has left on other blogs. Neat.

Currently there are no ratings, so the existing comments are all rated 2.5 (quite good). Once you’ve rated a few comments, you can suppress all lower quality comments (rated below 3), or show high quality comments only (rated 4 or better).

Don’t freak out when you use CSS that highlights nofollow’ed links. SezWho manipulates the original (mostly dofollow’ed) author link with JavaScript, hence search engines still recognize that a link shall pass PageRank and anchor text. (I condomize some link drops, for example when I don’t know a site and can’t afford the time to check it out, see my comments policy.)

I’ll ask SezWho to change that when I’m more familiar with their system (I hate change requests based on a first peek). SezWho should look at the attributes of the original link in order to add rel=”nofollow” to the JS created version only when the blogger actually has condomized a particular link. Their software changes the comment author URL to a JS script that redirects visitors to the URL the commenter has submitted. It would be nice to show the original URL in the status bar on mouse over.

Also, it seems that when you sign up with SezWho, they remove the trailing slash from your blog’s URL. That’s not acceptable. I mean not every startup should do what clueless Yahoo developers still do although they know that it violates several Web standards. Removing trailing slashes from links is not cool, that’s a crappy manipulation that can harm search engine rankings, will lead to bandwidth theft when bots follow castrated links only to get redirected, … ok, ok, ok … that’s stuff for another post rant. Judging from their Web site, SezWho looks like a decent operation, so I’m sure they can change that too.


SezWho sidebar widget

I’ve not yet added the widgets, above is how they would appear in the sidebar.


I consider SezWho useful. All functionality lives in the blog and can access the blog’s database, so in theory it doesn’t slow down the page load time by pulling loads of data from 3rd party sources. Please let me know whether you like it or not. Thanks!

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6 Comments to "Comment rating and filtering with SezWho"

  1. Sebastian on 31 January, 2008  #link

    In order to rate the first comment you must supply the email address that you use when you comment on blogs.

  2. Jitendra on 31 January, 2008  #link

    Thanks Sebastian, We are beginning to become more and more familiar with the SEO concerns and will definitely address all the concerns you have outlined here…Look forward to connecting with soon.

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  4. JLH on 1 February, 2008  #link

    I added it and joined, well, because I’m a lemming and do everything you do! :)
    However, I don’t like the little picture they install by the comments, as I’ve already got that set up for mybloglog and I end up with two of them. I’ll have to hack at it a bit to get rid of that before activating the plugin.

  5. Sebastian on 2 February, 2008  #link

    LOL John. :) I left a comment on your blog but it seems you’re still hacking. I guess you could suppress the SezWho image with display:none; in your CSS:
    From the SezWho help page (scroll down to the very bottom, there are no DOM-IDs to build a link pointing to “Configuring the Look & Feel with CSS”).

  6. Sebastian on 21 April, 2009  #link

    Sadly, SezWho is history. Here’s the official announcement:

    SezWho: Important Service Information

    SezWho has been unable to continue our service and we need to shut down the site. Fortunately, our friends at JS-Kit are helping to keep the service up until March 31, 2009.

    We strongly encourage you to Upgrade to JS-Kit Commenting Now!

    We selected JS-Kit because they are the world’s largest distributed social network, connecting over 600,000 publishers with light weight, cross domain services, including Comments, Ratings, and Polls.


    Jitendra Gupta
    Founder, SezWho

    The page linked above comes with upgrade instructions for WordPress and Blogger.

    All the best to the very nice folks who ran SezWho!

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