Spamming wannabe SEOs: SEO Affiliates, Cleveland, Ohio

Got this email from a site owner today:

I can put your site at the top of a search engines listings. This is no joke and I can show proven results from all our past clients.
If this is something you might be interested in, send me a reply with the web addresses you want to promote and the best way to contact you with some options.

Thanks in advance,

Sarah Lohman
SEO Affiliates
124 Middle Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44035

I told him long ago that he should dump that site if its affiliate earnings from MSN and Yahoo traffic drop too much, and now some spamming assclowns from Cleveland, Ohio guarantee a #1 listing for crap, sheesh. Here’s the polite reply:

I’m sure you’re joking coz being a that experienced SEO you should have noticed that this site suffers from Google’s death penalty for various good reasons since 2002.
Go figure spammer

Sigh. Off to submit a ton of my email addresses to the spammer’s idiot collector.

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1 Comment to "Spamming wannabe SEOs: SEO Affiliates, Cleveland, Ohio"

  1. John on 15 March, 2007  #link

    assclowns, now that is funny.

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