Vote Now: Rubber Chicken Award 2007 for the dullest and most tedious search blog post

Rubber Chicken Award - Top 10 FinalistsI’m truly excited. Two of my pamphlets made it in The Rubber Chicken Award’s Top 10! That’s 50% success (2/4 nominated pamphlets), so please help me to make that 100%: vote for #3 and #4!

Just in case you, dear reader, are not a hardcore SEM addict who reads search blogs even during the holiday season, let me explain why a Rubber Chicken Award Top 10 nomination is a honor.

The Rubber Chicken Award honors the year’s most serious SEO research. Extra brownie points are given to the dullest draft and the most tedious wording.

Rumors are swirling that Google’s search quality spam task force has developed the complex RCAFHITSI©™ algopatent pending® which compiles and ranks search blog posts presented to Mike Blumenthals’s Rubber Chicken Award Jury:

Here is the cream of the crop of the search world, the 2007 Top 10 search blog posts nominated in the Rubber Chicken Award for the dullest and most boring/serious SEO/SEM article:

  1. Want traffic? Rank for High Traffic Keywords…
  2. We Add Words to AdWords… Google Subtracts them
  3. Why eBay and Wikipedia rule Google’s SERPs
  4. SEOs home alone - Google’s nightmare
  5. 13 Things to Do When Your Loved One is Away at Conferences
  6. SEO High School Confidential - Premiere Edition!
  7. The Sphinn Awards - Part I & -Part II.
  8. Top 21 Signs You Need a Break From SEO (2007 version)
  9. 10 Signs That You May Be a Blog Addict
  10. The SEO’s Guide to Beginners
  11. The Internet Marketer’s Nightmare
  12. Mission Accomplished—Top Ranking in Google
  13. Google Interiors - the day my house became searchable

I’ve selfishly marked the two posts you want to vote for. Because all nominations are truly awesome, just vote for everything but make sure to check “5” for #3 and #4:

Thank You, Dear Reader!

Update: I can’t post another voting whore call to action today, but of course I’d very much appreciate your vote in the Best SEO Blog of 2007 category at SEJ’s 2007 Search Blog Awards.

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13 Comments to "Vote Now: Rubber Chicken Award 2007 for the dullest and most tedious search blog post"

  1. JMorris on 28 December, 2007  #link

    Next year, we should have a contest for the most egocentric, self-serving, attention whoring post of the year. I think you and I would have a good run at it. :-D

    You got me though, I didn’t have a call to action. 1 for you. ;-)

  2. Sebastian on 28 December, 2007  #link

    James, you’re absolutely right. The Interweb desperately needs a voting whore contest set up in a way that we win it. In the sense of this idea I’ve linked your “I“. And yes, I know that’s a poor call for action because 97% of all surfers won’t click on a linked “I”, but I fear that’s all I can do for you since I do want to win the darn thing. ;)

  3. JLH on 28 December, 2007  #link

    You got my vote.

  4. Sebastian on 28 December, 2007  #link

    Thank you John. :)

    These end-of-the-year mentions and nominations do make my day. Thanks guys!

  5. […] I’ve been inundated with “Best of 2007” SEO, SEM, and Search blogs and sites lists. Amazingly the only mention Google got was for […]

  6. theGypsy on 29 December, 2007  #link

    Seb ol buddy, I couldn’t bring myself to pine for votes; seems like there is way too much of that going on lately (ad nausea). It is though, an honour to be up for the class clown award with you. It is some rarefied air we are breathing brother.

    ..and hey, how come there are 13 posts in the Top 10 anyway?


  7. Sebastian on 29 December, 2007  #link

    Yep Dave, it’s a honor, and best of luck. :) As for the 13 posts in the Top 10, try the mouseover events. ;)

  8. theGypsy on 29 December, 2007  #link

    Luck? Not sure, I know a few of the judges, lol. Must have been having pity on me there. It it’s fun to see what people think one’s best work does as opposed to our own subjective views….

    Been a fun year.. more to come I am sure - Happy New Years to ya :0)

    L8TR - Dave

  9. Sebastian on 30 December, 2007  #link

    Dave, just post more utterly serious rants and we might get a Crabby SEO Rant Award next year, of course with a SE bashing and arguing category mounted to /dev/null. Happy new year to you too!

  10. David on 30 December, 2007  #link

    Dull, boring - did someone call me? ;)

  11. SEMSpot on 31 December, 2007  #link

    Sebastian you got my vote man. Well worth it with what you write about on this site. Keep it up for the new year man, I am sure we will be voting for you again next year for other blog awards.


  12. Sebastian on 1 January, 2008  #link

    Thank you Steve, and happy new year!

  13. Thanks for all the ego food! on 9 January, 2008  #link

    […] good news, I, Google’s nightmare, have almost won the 2007 Rubber Chicken Award for the dullest most bizarre SEO blog […]

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