MySQL’s ODBC Driver 3.51 drives me nuts

ODBC drivers can drive me crazy. Especially when the last thing I’m looking at is the ODBC driver, because I thought this darn thing is a well developed and tested open source piece.

A site I’m working on collects log data in a MySQL table, counting page views per landing page, referrer page and SE search terms. The stats are nice, but pretty much useless, because with such a structure it’s hard to create summaries and keyword analyses.

Luckily Progress OpenEdge was available, so I thought it should be possible to read the MySQL table via ODBC from the Web server, creating all reports with Progress, which has a great temp-table support, amazing fast word indexing, and can handle billions of large records with ease.

Well, I’ve downloaded, installed and configured the MySQL ODBC Driver 3.51, and did a successful connection test. So far so nice, but now the nightmare began. With Progress I couldn’t create the ODBC data server instance, and as always the error messages were misleading.

To make a long story short, the current MySQL ODBC driver lacks so much functionality that it cannot work. The answer is buried in the PEG mailing list archive which is not fully indexed by Google. Gus Bjorklund from Progress Software states “The ODBC dataserver will not work due to a variety of functions not implemented in the MySQL ODBC driver … As people who have tried it have discovered, MySQL does not yet have a complete enough implementation of the SQL DML”.

Frustrating. Back to the stone age. Oups. Transferring table dumps failed due to the large amount of data. Aaahhhrrrggg. Developing a Web service in PHP sending selected data in handy batches makes my day.

However, does anybody has (heard of) a working ODBC driver for MySQL?


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1 Comment to "MySQL's ODBC Driver 3.51 drives me nuts"

  1. Anonymous on 22 October, 2005  #link

    Welcome to the club :-(

    You’d think that the guys behind something like MySQL would be working around the clock to get a working ODBC driver up to allow full integration in other applications, but I guess it hasn’t interested them from the start. It would make it so interesting to have a working foundation that would allow you to switch to MySQL with a little change of the connection… oh well…

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