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LZZR Link LoveIn why it is a good thing to link out loud LZZR explains a nicely designed method to accelerate the power of inbound links. Unfortunately this technique involves Yahoo! Pipes, which is evil. Certainly that’s a nice tool to compose feeds, but Yahoo! Pipes automatically inserts the evil nofollow crap. Hence using Pipes’ feed output to amplify links faults caused by the auto-nofollow. I’m sure LZZR can replace this component with ease, if that’s not done already.

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3 Comments to "LZZR Linking™"

  1. LZZR SEO on 6 July, 2007  #link

    You are quite right about Pipes and you know how unhappy I am with Yahoo censorship issues (they bloody blocked my feed from LZZR.com on Pipes) and Yahoo Pipe’s feed output was used rather as a proof of concept. Needless to say though that Pipes are not completely useless since they can be used as a tool for mashing up results from Google and Technorati and possibly other sources (wait till I find them). Within pipes you can eliminate duplicates based on URL thus getting a cleaner feed which can be used subsequently elsewhere.
    I am sure you’ve noticed that nofollow is the weakest point of my system and we both know why ;-)

    linking out loud :-) the point is taken :-) I’ll be more careful next time

  2. Sebastian on 6 July, 2007  #link

    Yeah, Pipes is a great tool. Just the nofollow insanity makes it evil. However, it’s quite easy to create a filter sucking the Pipes output and removing the nofollow crap to output a clean feed. Having such a layer under full control makes it easier to replace 3rd party components too.

    Linking out loud is a great concept. I believe that ‘LOL’ makes friends and attracts natural inbound links, hence helps with search engine rankings. In my linking tutorial I’ve explained why ‘LOL’ works.

  3. Sexy Propaganda on 2 February, 2008  #link

    I spent hours trying to remove the nofollow from my feed USING pipes not understanding they were the ones putting it in, arg!

    Aside from that I love Pipes, have built them into a few of my sites, really hope I can count on them to stick around. Especially without any dirty MS intervention.

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