About my editorial links, affiliate links, and paid links

All my links are editorial votes, with a few exceptions explained below, or reviewed links submitted by trusted readers in comments or guest posts.

Affiliate links are not crawlable, even if you can’t find a link condom in the source code. That means I cloak rel=nofollow on crawler visits and/or output ads with JavaScript, and I don’t allow crawlers to follow affiliate links to the merchant’s site.

Here is an example:

Of course I link out to Aaron’s posts on the SEObook blog without link condom, but when I use a SEObook affiliate link1, search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask) can’t follow it, hence an affiliate link will not pass PageRank or other link juice. (1  This text link is a PageRank leak. A search engine crawler gets a forbidden error along with a “noindex,nofollow,noarchive” directive in the header. That means even if I forget to put the rel=”nofollow” attribute at the source, the affiliate link is sterilized at its destination on this server. It has no impact on the sponsor’s search engine rankings.)

If I’ll ever sell traffic, these links will be worthless for search engine ranking purposes too.

References to crap are condomized, both for bots and visitors. In some cases I change REL values with JavaScript code, that means your user agent might overwrite REL values with “dofollow”, so that CSS that highlights nofollow’ed links can fail.

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2 Comments to "About my editorial links, affiliate links, and paid links"

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