Information is Temporarily Unavailable

I’ve added my favorite feeds to my personalized Google home page. Unfortunately, “Information is temporarily unavailable” is the most repeated sentence on this page. It takes up to 20 minutes before all feeds are fetched and shown with current headlines. That’s weird, because Googlebot pulls known feeds every 15 minutes, often a few times per second.

It seems to me that Google does not cache (all, if any) RSS feeds. When I refresh the page while watching my crawler monitor screen, I can see Googlebot quickly fetching the ‘unavailable’ feeds from my server. After a while they get updated on the page.

Some feeds can’t be added. For example Google’s news feed ‘’ doesn’t show, not even after dozens of clicks on ‘Go’ during the last week. The same happens every once in a while with MyYahoo too by the way. Microsoft’s sandbox even likes to crash my browser, what I consider the usual behavior of MS products, sandboxed or not.


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1 Comment to "Information is Temporarily Unavailable"

  1. Ilia on 13 March, 2007  #link

    I agree, I’ve run into the same problems. I wish Google made some kind of documentation available on how to make “Google-Friendly” rss feeds!


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