Ping the hell out of Technorati’s reputation algo

Ping your inbound links for technorati reputationIf your Technorati reputation factor sucks ass then read on, otherwise happily skip this post.

Technorati calculates a blog’s authority/reputation based on its link popularity, counting blogroll links from the linking blogs main pages as well as links within the contents of their posts. Links older than six months after their very first discovery don’t count.

Unfortunately, Technorati is not always able to find all your inbound links, usually because clueless bloggers forget to ping them, hence your blog might be undervalued. You can change that.

Compile a list of blogs that link to you and are unknown at Technorati, then introduce them below to a cluster ping orgy. Technorati will increase your authority rating after indexing those blogs.

Enter one blog home page URL per line, all lines properly delimited with a “\n” (new line, just hit [RETURN]; “\r” crap doesn’t work). And make sure that all these blogs have an auto-discovery link pointing to a valid feed in their HEAD section. Do NOT ping Technorati with post-URIs! Invest the time to click through to the blog’s main page and submit the blog-URI instead. Post-URI pings get mistaken for noise and trigger spam traps, that means their links will not  increase your Technorati authority/rank.



</p> <p style="color:red; font-weight:bolder;">It seems your user agent can&#8217;t ping Technorati. Go get a <a href="">browser</a>.</p> <p>

Actually, this tool pings other services than Technorati too. Pingable contents make it on the SERPs, not only at Technorati.

If you make use of URL canonicalization routines that add a trailing slash to invalid URLs like then make sure that you claim your blog at Technorati with the trailing slash.

Please note that this tool is experimental and expects a Web standard friendly browser. It might not work for you, and I’ll remove it if it gets abused.

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37 Comments to "Ping the hell out of Technorati's reputation algo"

  1. Ian Kallen on 19 December, 2007  #link

    If we’ve missed a blog linking to yours, ping with the blog URL shortly after the link occurs. Once the post it’s from rolls off the page and feed, it’s too late; we don’t crawl blog archives.


  2. Igor The Troll on 20 December, 2007  #link

    Sebastian I just tried to use the ping tool, and I got a nasty error!!!

    Sorry, something went awfully wrong. Maybe your browser sucks. Or the moon phase doesn’t fit my script’s prerequisites. You really didn’t try to call this script from an alien location?

    I was pinging is something wrong with your blog?

  3. Sebastian on 20 December, 2007  #link

    Thanks for stopping by, Ian. Checking the number of items in the feeds respectively parsing them for the inbound links is a pretty good idea. I’m curious whether or not that would work with category feeds too.

  4. Sebastian on 20 December, 2007  #link

    Igor, there’s something unnatural in your request. I can’t go into the details, so just check for standard browser settings. Also, it doesn’t work in a feed reader.

    Pinging my blog I get

    Sebastian’s Pamphlets

    2007-12-20 00:05:32 Response[]: Thanks for the ping

    2007-12-20 00:05:32 Response[]: Pings being forwarded to 16 services!

    2007-12-20 00:05:32 Response[]: Thanks for the ping.


    *** Done ***

  5. Igor The Troll on 20 December, 2007  #link

    I tried again and still does not work. I am using windows xp with IE 6.1
    But a browser should not matter, is it not a server side script?

    Maybe your script trying to read my IP address, but I am behind Nat Router?

  6. Sebastian on 20 December, 2007  #link

    I fired up IE, which has all standard settings because I rarely use it, and got the same error. Whatever the script checks for, it obviously doesn’t consider a GET with IE that is overcrowded with useless security crap a natural browser request. I’m not willing to change that, because I better live with a few false positives than too much abuse. Go get a browser and try it with FireFox like more than 80% of my readers. Dear IE users, I’m sorry but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

  7. Igor The Troll on 20 December, 2007  #link

    Well it is good that we identified the malady. Just add a note do not use IE..It is bad for your health..:)

    I guess, I am a contradiction for a developer…I am stuck with MS IE..Maybe I like Bill…

    I know, embarrassment, I should be using FF, Opera, or a Linux browser.

    But you know me, not easy to change!

  8. wtf on 20 December, 2007  #link

    Awesome script but this blog is now no follow?

  9. SearchCap: The Day In Search, December 20, 2007…

    Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web…….

  10. Sebastian on 20 December, 2007  #link

    WTF, thanks and no, only very few links are condomized.

  11. Tanner Christensen on 20 December, 2007  #link

    Wow. As always, you rock Sebastian.

  12. Sebastian on 20 December, 2007  #link

    Thanks Tanner :)

  13. JLH on 20 December, 2007  #link

    So where is my tool to scrape Google alerts and ping Technorati with the URL in the alert?

  14. SlightlyShadySEO on 20 December, 2007  #link

    Absolutely awesome idea.
    It’s odd. I seem to get more splogs that are indexed by technorati and link to me, than I do legit blogs that have linked to me. Time to fix that ratio :-)

  15. Utah SEO Pro on 20 December, 2007  #link

    Always thinkin outside the box. Smart. Thanks!

  16. Sebastian on 21 December, 2007  #link

    Thanks guys. :)
    JLH, you’re greedy. I thought about that but copy+paste+submit takes less time ATM. Google alerts as RSS feeds would be neat.

    SlightlyShadySEO, feel free to do that but please submit the pings manually. I’d have to block splog-creation scripts that call it.

  17. Joost de Valk on 1 January, 2008  #link

    Great idea Sebastian, I’ve gone ahead and created a script that get’s the last 100 url’s from both Technorati and Blogsearch, and pings all URL’s that blogsearch has that Technorati doesn’t :P
    I’ll probably “pluginnify” it :)

  18. Sebastian on 1 January, 2008  #link

    Joost, great idea. That’s what I love on the Web. How ideas evolve

  19. Joost de Valk on 1 January, 2008  #link

    Indeed ;)

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  21. Thanks for all the ego food! on 9 January, 2008  #link

    […] Technorati recently discoverd my new URL but refuses to update my reputation, despite all my pings, so I’m stuck with a daily link count. Share/bookmark this: • Google […]

  22. on 17 January, 2008  #link

    I just learned something new today.

    Thanks, Sebastian. Can’t wait to put this tip to work and see how it goes.

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  24. kelly on 9 April, 2008  #link

    Hi , pinging from here is very easy . Good Work


  25. Anil Gupta on 10 July, 2008  #link

    Nice tips about increasing technorati authority. I himself use continuous content updation, link building and comment posting on authority sites to increase my Google and technorati rankings

    Anil Gupta

  26. Arnold - Mr.Gadget on 9 September, 2008  #link

    Hi Sebastian, a good Stumble Upon friend of mine directed me to your site this evening as I quizzed him on how he was able to get his site so highly ranked in Technorati in a short period of time.

    I guess pinging links is something that I have ignored for way too long. This looks like a great tool to help with this.

    Looks like your website has other juicy content that I can use in the future too.

    Keep up the great work and thanks.


  27. Sebastian on 29 September, 2008  #link

    I’ve nofollow’ed your link due to the overwhelming advertising. However, bear in mind that you should ping the blog’s main page only, and not too often.

  28. Arnold - Mr.Gadget on 19 October, 2008  #link

    Hi Sebastian,

    If you were referring to my website, I understand and will consider reducing the number of advertisers I have on board. This is the first year I’ve actually had that much advertiser so the more feedback I get from visitors the better.

    Thank you,

  29. Sebastian on 20 October, 2008  #link

    Arnold, I’m glad you’re after feedback. Here’s mine, unfiltered: when after clicking a more link I’ve to scroll down to bypass to a bunch of ads that obfuscate two paragraphs of a slightly altered or summarized press release that I’ve already read at the manufacturer’s site or elsewhere, I become a lost visitor who will never click any ad in no time (well, not more time than hitting my browser’s back button takes). Layouts like yours smell way too greedy, no offense.

  30. Mark on 11 June, 2009  #link


    Just stumbled on your blog, this is awesome! Thanks a lot!

    - Mark

  31. TUWD on 22 June, 2009  #link

    Hey Sebastian- thanks for this tool- I use it almost daily. I have a google alert set up for my blog and I copy and paste all those URLs (main, not post level) into your tool.

  32. Arju on 12 August, 2009  #link

    I could not add any or my blog “”
    to my favourite nor anyone can.
    It says

    My Favorites
    You don’t have any Favorites yet
    Favorites lets you keep track of your favorite blogs.
    To designate any blog as a favorite just look for the Favorite it links
    when you’re looking at blogs or posts.”

    It seems Technorati is very bad and buggy webste.

  33. Tegar on 17 August, 2009  #link

    Hi, Sebastians. thanks for this hot tools!
    Sometimes when I use your ping tool there’s error message like this :
    2009-08-17 08:48:41 Fault Code[]: 5
    2009-08-17 08:48:41 Fault Reason[]: Didn’t receive 200 OK from remote server. (HTTP/1.1 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable).

    So that, I suggest you to about adding new option to skip pinging
    Many thanks again.

    [Hmmmm, as long as it works sometimes … ]

  34. Jeff Conner on 13 September, 2009  #link

    great tool, this post has been up for quiet a while now so I’m wondering if any of those three services has greylisted this server’s IP for sending too many pings? I know that a lot of the sites that accept pings from some of the larger ‘multi-site’ pingers like pingoat pingler get that even though it might still give them the ‘thanks for the ping’ response. Ive got a site that tries to improve on the same concept as the two i just mentioned called PingNinja. To get around that i’ve been having it rotate between a pool of IPs on the server. So far so good. I also was able to speed up the entire process when pinging multiple services though I don’t have the ability to ping multiple URLs like you do (It will only ping one URL at a time). Sorry for the mini self-promotion, feel free to cut that part out/nofollow it, but I’m curious about whether or not you’ve noticed a change in the way the servers respond to pings sent from this page.. care to comment?

    [I’m not aware of any gray-black listings.]

  35. Joe Manausa, MBA on 9 November, 2009  #link


    The tool doesn’t seem to be working now. Did the changes at Technorati kill this?

    If so, thanks for having it available in the past.It did wonders to improve my authority at Technorati.


    [Probably a browser issue, when you get the red “alien” error message. It doesn’t work with all IE versions, and suddenly stopped supporting WebKit browsers (Safari, Chrome). Just tried it with FireFox 3.x and found another issue. Will look into it next time I see my office in daylight. Thanks for the bug report, much appreciated!]

  36. Sebastian on 11 November, 2009  #link

    I’ve somewhat fixed the bug. Technorati has removed ping support, hence the script died on each Technorati ping. It was fun while it lasted.

    Farewell Technorati [pings]

    Technorati’s support page tells:

    How do I ping now?
    You no longer need to ping Technorati; the ping page is gone. For blogs whose posts we’re indexing, we’ll make sure to get your content. Also, please take a look at [our indexing FAQ]

    From what I see on my dashboard, I consider this statement somewhat questionable, if it’s not a blatant lie. At least at the moment. Maybe Technorati can restore its service some day. We’ll see.

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