Ditch the spam on SERPs, pretty please?

Say there’s a search engine that tries very hard to serve relevant results for long tail search queries. Maybe it even accepted that an algo change –supposed to wipe out shitloads of thin pages from its long tail search result pages (SERPs)– is referred to as #MayDay. One should think that this search engine isn’t exactly eager to annoy its users with crappy mash-up pages consisting of shabby stuff scraped from all known sources of duplicate content on the whole InterWebs.


Prominent SE spammers like Mahalo still flood the visible part of search indexes with boatloads of crap that never should be able to cheat its way onto any SERP, not even via a [site:spam.com] search. Learn more from Aaron and Michael, who’ve both invested their valuable time to craft out detailled spam reports, to no avail.


Wait. Why does a bunch of spammy Web pages creates such a fuss? Because they’re findable in the search index. Of course a search engine must crawl all the WebSpam out there, and its indexer has to judge the value of all the content it gets feeded with. But there’s absolutely no need to bother the query engine, that gathers and ranks the stuff presented on the SERPs, with crap like that.

Dear Google, why do you annoy your users with spam created by “a scheme that your automated system handles quite well” at all? Those awesome spam filters should just flag crappy pages as not-SERP-worthy, so that they can never see the daylight at google.com/search. I mean, why should any searcher be at risk of pulling useless search results from your index? Hopefully not because these misleaded searchers tend to click on lots of Google ads on said pages, right?

I’d rather enjoy an empty SERP for an exotic search query, than suffer from a single link to a useless page plastered with huge ads, even if it comes with a tiny portion of stolen content that might be helpful if pointing to the source.

Do you feel like me? Speak out!

Hey Google, I dislike spam on your SERPs! #spam-report Tweet Your Plea For Clean SERPs!

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4 Comments to "Ditch the spam on SERPs, pretty please?"

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  2. Mike on 27 June, 2010  #link

    I totally agree, if they have methods of identifying pages / sites as spam then they shouldn’t be indexing them, it doesn’t help anyone.

  3. Heinrich on 28 June, 2010  #link

    I can not agree more. It is extremely frustrating when you have to deal with spam in the search results. The search engines need to find more effective solutions to this problem. Spam sucks!!!

  4. James Sanders on 7 December, 2010  #link

    Another bravo on this page as well Sebastian. I couldn’t agree with you more. The search results of late at google have been shitty at best. So many times I wind up seeing pages in the top 10 that link to scrape sites with little content other than links to other similar sites. If I’m lucky, one of the links on the site MIGHT lead to what I was looking for, but who the hell wants to spend HOURS trying to click links to find what they want.

    The way I see it, if google keeps this stupid shit up, they’re going to piss off so many searchers that Bing will be right up there at the top or something. Well, maybe not Bing with all the anti M$ attitudes out there, maybe Yahoo? lol

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