How to get trusted inbound links

Post Jagger the vital question is how a Web site can acquire trusted authority links. Well, I can’t provide the definitive answer, but a theory and perhaps a suitable methodology.

Mutate from a link monkey to a link ninja. Follow Google’s approach to identify trustworthy resources. Learn to spot sources of TrustRank, then work hard to attract their attention (by providing outstanding content for example). Don’t bother with link requests, be creative instead. Investing a few days or even weeks to gain a trusted inbound link is worth the efforts. Link quality counts, quantity may even be harmful.

Something to start with: DMOZ –in parts– has a high TrustRank, but a DMOZ link alone may harm, because Google knows that a handful of editors aren’t that honest. A Yahoo listing can be used to support an established site having trusted inbound links already, but alone or together with an ODP link it may hurt too, because it’s that easy to get.

Other sites with a high TrustRank are and other domains owned by Google like their blogs (tough, but not impossible to get a link from Google),, most pages on .edu and .gov domains, your local chamber of commerce, most newspapers … just to give a few examples.

I bet Matt Cutt’s blog OTOH has a pretty low TrustRank, because he is obviously part of a ‘very bad neighborhood’, albeit his very honorable intentions. Also the SEO community including various stealthy outlets is a place to avoid if you’re hunting trusted links.

More information: How to Gain Trusted Connectivity

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