How to get the perfect logo for your blog

When I moved my blog from blogspot to this domain, using my avatar image (which I’ve dropped at tons of places) in the blog’s logo was a natural thing to do. It’s somewhat unique in my atmosphere, it helps folks to remember my first name, and branding with an image in a signal color like red fitted my marketing instincts.

My red crab avatarNow the bad news. A few days later my 5yo daughter taught me that it was not exactly clever. She got a Disney video she wanted to watch with me, and (not so much to my surprise) my blog’s logo was one of the kingpins. Way back when I got the image from a freelance designer, I didn’t think about copyright issues, because I planned to use the image only as thumbnail respectively icon connecting my name to a rememberable picture (of the little mermaid’s crab Sebastian). The bigger version on top of all pages here however had way too much similarities with the Disney character.

Kinda dilemma. Reverting to a text logo was no option. Fortunately I click new home page links on all of my comments, so I remembered that not long ago a blogging cartoonist submitted a note to one of my posts. I wrote an email telling him that I need a new red crab, he replied with a reasonable quote, thus I ordered the logo design. Long story short, I was impressed by his professional attitude, and now you can admire his drawing skills at my blog’s header and footer as well.

Before I bore you with the longish story of my red crab, think of your (blog’s) branding. Do you have a unique logo? Is it compelling and rememberable? If you put it on a page along with 100+ icons gathered from your usual hangouts, will its thumbnail stick out? Does it represent you, your business, your niche, or whatever you blog for? Do you brand yourself at all? Why not? Do it.

Look at a few very popular marketing blogs and follow the authors to their hangouts. You’ll spot that they make consistent use of their individual logos respectively avatars. That’s not coincidence, that’s professionalism. For the records, you can become a rockstar without a logo. If you’re Vanessa Fox or John Andrews you get away with frequently changing icons and even NSFW domain names. However, a conspicuous and witty logo makes branding easier, but a logo is not your brand.

Become creative, but please don’t use a red Disney character known as Sebastian as avatar, or red crabs at all, because I’ve trademarked that. Ok, if you can imagine a cartoonized logo might fit your blog, then read on.

Red crab - rough draft 1As order confirmation Steven from Clangnuts sent me his first ideas asking whether he’s on the right track or not. Indeed he was, and I liked it. Actually, I liked it a lot.

Red crab - rough draft 2Shortly after my reply I got the next previews. Steven had nicely worked in my few wishes. He even showed me with an edited screen shot how the new red crab would look in my blog’s header in variations (manually colored vs. photoshop colored). It looked great.

Finally he sent me four poses to choose from. Bummer. I liked all of them:
My red crab - 4 versions
I picked the first, and got the colored version today. Thanks Steven, you did a great job! I hereby declare that when you need an outstanding logo for your blog you better contact Steven at Clangnuts dot com before you fire up photoshop yourself.

What do you think, is #1 the best choice? Feel free to vote in the comments!

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14 Comments to "How to get the perfect logo for your blog"

  1. JLH on 19 September, 2007  #link
  2. TheMadHat on 19 September, 2007  #link

    #4 is a good one too. Can I use it on my blog? :) Kidding…great logo.

  3. Heart on 19 September, 2007  #link

    I love your work! Great job..

  4. Steve Seeley on 19 September, 2007  #link

    Thats funny because I was watching that movie with my daughter a few weeks ago and I thought of you and your avatar. I do like the new logo man, nice job.

  5. JohnMu on 20 September, 2007  #link

    Good choice, Sebastian. The crab looks cute, but those clippers still look sharp :)

  6. Sebastian on 20 September, 2007  #link

    Just like my tounge, John. ;) Nice to see you’ve time left for surfing. If I were you I’d live in the algo 24/7. Not.

  7. Sebastian on 20 September, 2007  #link

    Thanks John, I’ll look at that poll plugin.

  8. Sebastian on 20 September, 2007  #link

    Thanks Steve, monsters are priceless consultants sometimes. I grabbed your feed BTW, dunno why it took that long.

  9. Sebastian on 20 September, 2007  #link

    Of course not, MadHat. :) You’ve a nice one already. Grabbed another feed, TGIF tequila seduces.

  10. […] actually sebastian over at Sebastian’s Pamphlets.  Yesterday Sebastian wrote an article on getting the perfect logo for your blog.  It was a great good article that talked about the power a good logo can have.  Think if it like […]

  11. Bruno on 21 September, 2007  #link

    Hello Sebastian,

    I`m thinking ADD this Blogoshere in my blog and I thought in ask to anyone to see if this feature really raise the page-viws.

    Do you getting more page-viws using the BlogRush?

    Tks Sebastian! :)


  12. Sebastian on 21 September, 2007  #link

    Bruno, the answer is no. See this post about BlogRush, and its comments.

  13. Matt - the Caricature King on 22 August, 2008  #link

    Hi - yes I agree that icons, logos, mascots, call them what you will — are essential for creating a memorable and potentially even more professional appearance to a website or blog.

    All to often I see blogs where the author is madly trying to establish him/herself through their writings, only to be let down by having a really bad photo….

    So my site is not a bad place to look if you need some help.

    But I repeat, anything is better than a bad photo so why not get something that is really good and can be used on all sort of material?

  14. Sebastian on 29 September, 2008  #link

    I agree, but in my book your site is way too promotional, so I’ve nofollow’ed your link.

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