Hello world!

Howdy! I’m in the process of moving my blog from blogspot to this domain. As long as you see a ToDo List here, I’m not yet ready. Ok, there’s no such thing as a blog that’s “ready”. Hence the ToDo list is here to stay. Probably forever. More on the bugs & flaws page.

    Unordered & unprioritized ToDo List

  • OK: dofollow plugin
  • OK: feedburner
  • OK: navigation in sidebar
  • OK: links + OK:blogroll
  • OK: remove “be the first …” on pages w/o comments
  • OK: Twitter and other gadgets
  • OK: configure titles (<title><?php wp_title(”",true); ?></title> (actually that’s more code coz wp_title(”",true) delivers nil for the home page)) and meta tags
  • tag old blogger posts
  • OK: 301 sebastian-x.com
  • OK: post background color too dark (blockquotes) and other CSS hacks
  • OK: XML sitemap
  • credits on links page
  • enhance site search when Google has indexed everything
  • links list blogspot commenters
  • OK: friendlier 404 page which actually sends a 404
  • contact page
  • edit blogspot links in imported posts and comments (when you get pings because I’ve edited an old post of mine, I’m sorry.)
  • OK: edit categories to enable nice categorized links lists feeding old posts with link juice
  • OK: Feed buttons
  • OK: Share/bookmark links
  • OK: change author links
  • OK: linking from blogspot posts to new URLs
  • OK: sitemaps/categories page with feed links/list of articles
  • fix the disabled button + text area after AJAXed comment submissions
  • advertising? Ynot.
  • OK: think about testing vs. launching early (Hi Marissa!)
  • OK: bait crawlers (Ms. Googlebot grabbed her milk & cookies a day after I’ve registered the domain, but is confused because I’ve changed the IP address a few days later)
  • OK: ask friends for href changes
  • wait for something unspecified
  • OK: push the red button, publish the moved-draft at blogger, redirect the blogger feeds to feedburner, and turn this thingy to public
  • FINALLY: redirect the blogspot url

I’ll write a post on a few technical aspects of the move in a few days.

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4 Comments to "Hello world!"

  1. Mr WordPress on 16 August, 2007  #link

    Hi, this is your new outlet.

    [Thanks for the headaches. Your default comment handling cries for a bold nofollow. Sebastian]

  2. InternetExplorer on 19 August, 2007  #link

    Why does your blog look that ugly?

    [A: get a browser. Sebastian]

  3. InternetExplorer on 19 August, 2007  #link

    That’s sooooo unfair!

  4. FireFox on 20 August, 2007  #link


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