Green Tranquilizes

Widely ignored by savvy webmasters and search engine experts, every 3-4 months the publishing Internet community celebrates a spectacular event: Google updates its Toolbar-PageRank!

Site owners around the globe hectically visit all their pages to view the magic green presented by Google’s Toolbar. If the green bar enlarged a pixel or even two, they hurry to the next webmaster board praising their genius. Otherwise they post ‘Google is broke’.

Once the Toolbar-PR update is settled, folks in fear of undefined penalties by the allmighty Google check all their outgoing links, removing everything with a PR less than 4/10. Next they add a REL=NOFOLLOW attribute to all their internal links where the link target shows a white or gray bar on the infallible toolbar. Trembling they hide in the ‘linking is evil’ corner of the world wide waste of common sense universe for 3-4 months again.

Where is the call for rationality leading those misguided lemmings back to mother earth? Hey folks, Toolbar-PR is just fun, it means next to nothing. Green tranquilizes, but white or gray is no reason to panic. The funny stuff Google shoves into your toolbar is an outdated snapshot without correlation to current rankings or even real PageRank. It is by no means an indicator how valuable a page is in reality, so please LOL (link out loud) if the page seems to provide a value for your visitors.

As a matter of fact, the above said will change nothing. Green bar fetishists don’t even listen to GoogleGuy posting “This is just plain old normal toolbar PageRank“.


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4 Comments to "Green Tranquilizes"

  1. Natasha Robinson on 15 July, 2005  #link

    Page Rank = Public Relations

    PageRank was the best marketing tool Google ever game up with.

  2. Sebastian on 15 July, 2005  #link

    Natasha, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Thanks

  3. elran on 18 July, 2005  #link

    i know you were joking about the people who nervously put the rel=nofollow for all internal links, but i was actually wondering when is it a good idea to use this attribute? should i use it on a “favorite links” page? or maybe for a php based links directory? i know i can use something like a robots content=nofollow to cover all the links for any given page. i just don’t know when to use it.
    man, i wish i had found this site sooner.. so much useful stuff, i won’t be satisfied until i read it all

  4. Sebastian on 19 July, 2005  #link

    Here is more information on REL=NOFOLLOW:
    I won’t use it on a ‘favorite links’ page. If users can add links without approval to a links page, put it in.

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