Google removes the #6 penalty/filter/glitch

Google removed the position six penaltyAfter the great #6 Penalty SEO Panel Google’s head of the webspam dept. Matt Cutts digged out a misbehaving algo and sent it back to the developers. Two hours ago he stated:

When Barry asked me about “position 6″ in late December, I said that I didn’t know of anything that would cause that. But about a week or so after that, my attention was brought to something that could exhibit that behavior.

We’re in the process of changing the behavior; I think the change is live at some datacenters already and will be live at most data centers in the next few weeks.


So everything is fine now. Matt penalizes the position-six software glitch, and lost top positions will revert to their former rankings in a while. Well, not really. Nobody will compensate income losses, nor the time Webmasters spent on forums discussing a suspected penalty that actually was a bug or a weird side effect. However, kudos to Google for listening to concerns, tracking down and fixing the algo. And thanks for the update, Matt.

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4 Comments to "Google removes the #6 penalty/filter/glitch"

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    A week ago we wrote about Google’s Mysterious Position Six Penalty. This penalty has now been confirmed by Google’s Matt Cutts in one of our Sphinn threads. It appears from Matt’s comments that the penalty was an “unintended consequence,” as gleng…

  2. Hobo on 29 January, 2008  #link

    Glad I didn’t waste two much time giving two ***** about it….

  3. JLH on 29 January, 2008  #link

    It’s always nice to read your pamphlets in Google reader 5 to 6 hours after I’ve seen it linked elsewhere. Wish they’d fix that.

  4. Sebastian on 29 January, 2008  #link

    John, do you have the right feed? If you’re still subscribed to my old blogger feed that redirects to that would explain the delay. In the beginning I had such issues with Feedburner too, but after Rick Klau checked it (and I’ve applied a few minor tweaks), I see my posts in GoogleReader in a timely manner.

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