Google is neat

August/16/2007: I’ve installed WordPress 8 days ago on this brand new domain.
August/17/2007: I’ve submitted an XML sitemap to Google.
August/18/2007: I’ve (somewhat hidden) linked to this domain from my old blog.
August/23/2007: Ms. Googlebot has crawled 749 pages from this blog, 9 pages made it in the Web search index so far.
August/24/2007: I got the very first hit from a Google SERP for [Google is neat]:
Google is neat - my first SERP referrer
Considering the number of results for this search term I think my #4 spot is not too bad, although it’s purely based on BlitzIndexing and certainly not to stay for long. The same post from my old blog ranks #22 for this search, probably caused by its link (via a 301 redirect script) to the new URL.

Interestingly the search query URL in my referrer stats is too clean, it lacks all the gimmicks Google adds when one searches with a browser. So who did that to alert me on the indexing? Thanks for choosing such a neat search term! :)

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2 Comments to "Google is neat"

  1. […] smoothly and as expected. Google has indexed and ranked 60 pages and still counting, I spotted my very first SERP referrer, and the number of indexed pages from decreases slowly caused by the noindex robots […]

  2. Cat post: Life’s getting better! on 13 September, 2007  #link

    […] to Google’s newish BlitzIndexing my SERP referrers went up from 1 (August/24/2007) to 40 yesterday, naturally all long tail searches by the way. I didn’t count the bogus MSN […]

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