Google Has Something Cooking

Covered by a smoke screen, Google performs an internal and top secret summer of coding. Charlie Ayers, Google’s famous chef, has decided to leave the GooglePlex. Larry & Sergey say that hungry engineers do work harder on algo tweaks and celestial projects as well. While SEOs and Webmasters are speculating on the strange behavior of the saucy Googlebot sisters, haggard engineers are cooking their secret sauce in the labs. Under those circumstances, some collateral damage is preprogrammed, but hungry engineers don’t care of a few stinkin’ directories they blow away by accident. Shit happens, don’t worry, failure is automated by Google. Seriously, wait for some exciting improvements in the googlesphere.

Tags: Bollocks removed. Here you go.

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2 Comments to "Google Has Something Cooking"

  1. Anonymous on 4 August, 2005  #link

    Are we supposed to read that?

  2. Sebastian on 5 August, 2005  #link

    Nope. Better read a useful post.

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