Get IE9 today! Free download - start surfing fast and safe, instantly!

Days before Microsoft is going to release their new-ish Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), you can get your free copy of a state-of-the-art Web browser here:


The Internet says thanks to James Groome from London, UK, for an amazingly short IE9 download URI: Of course, you can still download the best and fastest Web browser out there from its original, longish, download URI.

Go get your new Web browser today, to start surfing safe and fast, instantly. Never worry about Web browser updates any more, because your new Web browser updates itself when neccessary.

This page is best viewed with Chrome or Safari. You may have spotted that not really leads to something like Internet Explorer 9. #GeekHumor

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7 Comments to "Get IE9 today! Free download - start surfing fast and safe, instantly!"

  1. EVARPHLUXX on 15 March, 2011  #link



  2. Fazal Mayar on 16 March, 2011  #link

    I may look forward into ie.9, but im a big fan of chrome and mozilla.

  3. Ioana on 17 March, 2011  #link

    So tired of people praising Chrome… Opera rules!

  4. Ryan on 23 March, 2011  #link

    … and now I see it was me. Haha - can’t argue. For the record I’m already a chrome user. :)

  5. Alireza Sefati on 30 June, 2011  #link

    I think you maybe the last geek on earth promoting IE 9 or any of MS products :)

  6. Sebastian on 30 June, 2011  #link

    Alireza Sefati, I’m replying to your comment from a totally clean, er… M$-free computer. ;-)

  7. K.C. on 27 August, 2011  #link

    Ha-ha! I liked your subtle way of promoting Google’s Chrome browser in this post, just under the IE9 baloney! ;)

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