Fraud from the desk of Sebastian Foss

Frequently I receive emails from very angry people complaining about various “SEO tools” and “Money Making Software” delivered from the desk of Sebastian Foss (AdBlaster, Instant Booster, eZine blaster, Blog Blaster, Feed Blaster, Newsgroup Blaster, eBay Cash Machine, Doorway Page Generator, Google Cash Machine, and countless more scams), which got their sites banned or which just didn’t work as promised, asking for a refund and demanding compensation. I’m sick of replying to all these emails to set the records straight, so here is the guy’s address:

e-trinity Internetmarketing Ltd.
Sebastian Foss
Böhler Str.14
Lindlar, 51789, North Rhine-Westphalia
Germany [map]
Phone: +49 2266 478 230
Fax: +49 2266 478 197

I suffer from his fraudulent and spammy activities too. I find his URLs in my referrer stats, I receive his email spam from the desk of Sebastian Foss, and people get mad on me because they assume I’m him just because I blog about SEO and Internet marketing.

Here is the last email spam I got from Sebastian Foss1) at here’s the attached HTML file:A smart investigator can should be capable to assign this URL on to e-trinity Internetmarketing Ltd., Sebastian Foss’ company in Lindlar, Germany.

If you’re sick of spam and scams from the desk of Sebastian Foss too, then turn him in. Last time I looked, sending out email spam is a crime in Germany. In case the spam report form below (courtesy of the german cops) doesn’t work, here you go: Police Lindlar, Germany.
SPAM REPORT (yellow background = mandatory)

Your coordinates:

What to report?

Provide internet address (URL), IP address, channel, email-ID (email header), and other information useful to track down the issue:

Details (mandatory!)

Witnesses (if any, provide names and addresses)

Perpetrator and site of crime:

Here’s a tiny sample of domains related to or operated by Sebastian Foss, according to Rip Off Report “[one of] the biggest scam artist[s] on the Internet”: …

It doesn’t hurt to link to this post with “Sebastian Foss” in the anchor text ;)

Update: I received a threat from Sebastian Foss, so I’ve edited this post (look for original text followed by changes). I’m not 100% certain which instance of “Sebastian Foss” sends out the email spam, but all known instances of Sebastian Foss are obviously spammers. More Information on the spammer Sebastian Foss and his clones respectively multiple/virtual personalities.

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15 Comments to "Fraud from the desk of Sebastian Foss"

  1. Hobo on 7 June, 2007  #link

    That is sticking it to him!

  2. Know your Sebastians on 27 August, 2007  #link

    […] Sebastian who occasionally writes about SEO and provides Smart IT Consulting and then there is the Scam Artist Sebastian Foss. They are not the same […]

  3. Jack Payne on 9 September, 2007  #link

    Is Sebastian Foss a common name in Germany?
    I thought there was another one operating somewhere in the U.S., another hot-shot SEO pusher. If this is the German Sebastian, he should know by now that this sort of spam is (slowly) moving out, making room for internet scams via chat room, newsgroup, and bulletin board.

  4. Sebastian on 10 September, 2007  #link

    Jack, Sebastian Foss is not a common name as John Smith, but the most hated one in the german blogosphere due to his comment spamming script (Blog Blaster). I’m not aware of an instance of Sebastian Foss in America, but there’s a cloned scammer selling Sebastian Foss’ spam tools via domains registered in China. Also, Sebastian Foss is definitely not an SEO, his tools don’t boost anything except his bank account’s balance. He’s an unscrupulous script kiddy with some marketing talent. By the way he sells spam scripts targeting all media, including feeds, newsgroups and whatnot. I liked your 24 Amazing Scam Artists’ Conflict Resolution Steps article, don’t let Sebastian Foss read it. ;)

  5. Nancy on 2 December, 2007  #link

    I have received an email from InstantBooster. The email address does not show when I point at it and I am not able to use the block sender tool either.

    He has lots of tricks up his sleeves.

  6. Another Sebastian Foss Target on 7 January, 2008  #link

    Received another one from this odius person. No return email address etc. Have used the form to report him and in case anyone is interested you can sign up as an affiliate - and his contact address for this is:

    This may be a bogus address but if it’s to do with his affiliate program it could be right ;)

  7. GF on 22 January, 2008  #link

    Birth name:
    First name:
    Date of birth:
    Place of birth:

    Why do you need such personal info? Seems like a scam to me!

  8. Sebastian on 23 January, 2008  #link

    I don’t need it, I’ve just translated the form that points to the police server. In other words every submission lands there, not on my side. You can use the link to the original Web form and submit your data there.

  9. Gill Miller [nee Guest] on 26 March, 2008  #link

    This man is a CON MAN some months ago i paid him money for information to earn money. The information was rubbish and didn’t work. I asked for my money back which Sebastian Foss offered in a ‘money back offer’ but had no reply to numerous emails.

    I am still being bombarded with his junk mail offering yet more get quick schemes.

    THE MAN IS A THIEF AND A CON MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Auto Global Zone Enterprise on 12 July, 2008  #link

    I have bought Blog-blaster and Instant Booster. Both of them don’t work at all.

    He said our advertisement is gonna sent to thousand of blogs, but it turned out, only sent to 20 blogs, and all the 20 blogs belong to him…what a con man..

    Sent several emails to him, but never replied. Even filed a complaint on paypal never replied..

    Hope this man can be jailed 25 years..

  11. marvin rowe on 19 February, 2009  #link

    mr foss got me too got me to join up on cash creations and said i could make 500/to 1500.00 with in 15 minutes after signing up guess what i never mage anything so i asked for a refund and never got it ive asked 6 or 7 times now and he refues to answer me ive read so many reports on him it would make you sick hes one of the bigggest rip off artist of the world so tell everone to beware peoples lost a lot of money and times are hard ahd hes still doing it when is someone going to stop him ive turned him in too many places .thank you marvin

  12. marvin rowe on 22 May, 2009  #link

    ive tried emailing him and tried phone 6 or 7 times and no response i turned himin to my credit card company and they tried and they had no luck and now they said it now it was up to me to turn him into the better bbusiness bureau and other places i have a least ten more what else can we do who can take him to court?? cant everyone get together and do it that way ??? some thing has to be done
    thanks for letting me talk keep me informed its [snip] thanks

  13. Tomas on 28 September, 2009  #link

    I got Spam Mail today first time (ebay cash machine from email address I enter the ebay cash machine in Google search and get immediately this site for which a I am very grateful. It’s really good your work. Instead to pay to Foss could be good Idea donate such form of work!

    Thank you!

  14. clickedcash on 16 May, 2010  #link

    FYI - is now a legit website with legit offers. Don’t confuse it with the old one!!!!

    [Of course. Crap like “The best way to get people to buy is to go where they are. And twitter is the place to be. To get thousands of twitter followers you need the best free twitter tools available. With these tools you Can get thousands of followers fast, free and easy. Do it now and profit later! There is no reason to wait for a better time!” is totally legit and not spammy. Assclown. Better sell porn for the masses.]

  15. Donny Brash on 22 August, 2010  #link

    First off who would need some scam artist to learn what is readily available to anyone with 1/2 a brain a computer an internet connection and the ability to read

    I work from home quite sucessfully (how I choose not to say it is legal and I am NOT selling you my method I developed please just develop your own) I will say this you need a product to sell a site to sell it from and a method for google to rank your location which is called SEO. It is that simple Now then go out and LEARN how don’t expect some get rich quick method be prepared to actually “WORK” There isn’t some majic wand to make this happen over night it takes steady work dedication and like any business time to develop and bring in cash. From what I have done on the internet I am now expanding into real estate investment (rental properties) from there I am not sure

    Good luck and stop wasting your time wanting it handed to you that will never happen!

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