Download the "Categorized WordPress Sitemaps" script

WARNING: This script does not work with WordPress 2.3 !!

Get the script: list_categories.php.txt (click "safe link as" then rename it on your local disk in /wp-content/themes/yourtheme/ to list_categories.php). Don't load the link to list_categories.php.txt in your browser. If you save a rendered version from your browser probably the code is broken.

14*14 pixels RSS icon:

16*16 pixels RSS icon:

To run list_categories.php in a page, you need a plugin which enables PHP parsing of post/page contents, for example ezStatic. Install it, activate it on the plugin page, and then edit the settings.
How to configure ezstatic (example, if you leave values empty it won't work):
"query string trigger" = static
"file extensions" = .php,.htm,.html,.txt
"blocked substrings" = htaccess
"page template" = default template
"roles with execute permissions" = administrator

Copy+paste the code snippets below and don't mess with the quotes, then go back to the article.

Include list_categories.php in a page's content. Don't forget to activate PHP execution for this page!

If list_categories.php doesn't detect the blog's location properly, or the RSS icons don't show, edit it here:

If you want to put a different introduction or footer depending on the appearance of descriptions you can replace the code in your page by:

To give each category links list its own title tag, replace the PHP code in the title tag. Edit header.php:

In page.php search for a heading (h3 or so) displaying the_title(); and replace this function by:

To link from posts to the hubs, edit single.php. A line below the comments_template(); call insert something like that:

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