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Clearing the air on Verified SEO

By Admin • March 23, 2010 • Filed in: News

It has recently come to our attention that the launch of Verified SEO has generated some fear within a small circle of SEM professionals and pundits. We certainly did not anticipate this and would like to hopefully put these fears to rest.

Most of what we see as being the primary concern will be addressed by a re-posting of a new item we just recently added to our FAQs section…

By what authority do you take it upon yourselves to deem SEM companies “Verified” or not?

We do not claim to be an authority on anything. The founders of Verified SEO have many years of SEM experience as do many other individuals. There are conflicting theories about what good SEM is or isn’t. There are generally agreed upon “best practices” which tend to yield results. There are techniques that that violate search engine policies which may result in a website getting banned or penalized also known as “black hat” SEO.

The key ingredient here is “results”. SEO is as good as it’s track record – period. If I hired a company and they did a good job for me I would have a personal experience of that company’s performance which would then make me an “authority” to recommend them to someone else, hence the phenomenon of “word of mouth” advertising.

When we go through the verification process for an SEM company we are focusing primarily on their track record of previous success. We are also making sure that those results are not being attained by black hat tactics. After we gain a personal first hand experience of the SEM company’s track record of success then we are obliged to recommend them to the business community at large the same way all word of mouth advertising works. We do this by issuing a website seal that says, “hey, this company has been checked out by people who understand the SEM industry and they are doing good work”.

Again, we are not dictating to anyone “how” SEM “should” be done. We are not “certifying” anyone. Having SEM experience, the staff at Verified know what the generally agreed upon best practices are. The average business owner may not entirely understand all the aspects of SEM, especially the technical aspects. Any SEM vendor can say they have a great track record however if it is difficult for a lay person to see the proof of this for themselves then they are walking into a potentially risky situation.

The need we are filling is simply to give consumers a way to know if the track records being touted on an SEM website are in fact real. Additionally we are also providing a way for professional SEM companies to prove to the business community that they are doing good work and therefore be able to capture more market share.


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