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Rcjordan over at Threadwatch pointed me to a nice song perfectly explaining romors like “Google’s verification tags get you into supplemental hell” and thoughtless SEO theories like “self-closing meta tags in HTML 4.x documents and uppercase element/attribute names in XHTML documents prevent search engine crawlers from indexing”. You don’t believe such crappy “advice” can make it to the headlines? Just wait for an appropiate thread at your preferred SEO forum picked by a popular but technically challenged blogger. This wacky hogwash is the most popular lame excuse for MSSA issues (aka “Google is broke coz my site sitting at top10 positions since the stone age disappeared all of a sudden”) at Google’s very own Webmaster Central.

Here is a quote:

“The robot [search engine crawler] HAS to read syntactically … And I opt for this explanation exactly because it makes sense to me [the code monkley] that robots have to be dilligent in crawling syntactically in order to do a good job of indexing … The old robots [Googlebot 2.x] did not actually parse syntactically - they sucked in all characters and sifted them into keywords - text but also tags and JS content if the syntax was broken, they didn’t discrimnate. Most websites were originally indexed that way. The new robots [Mozilla compatible Googlebot] parse with syntax in mind. If it’s badly broken (and improper closing of a tag in the head section of a non-xhtml dtd is badly broken), they stop or skip over everything else until they find their bearings again. With a broken head that happens the </html> tag or thereabouts”.

Basically this means that the crawler ignores the remaining code in HEAD or even hops to the end of the document not reading the page’s contents.

In reality search engine crawlers are pretty robust and fault tolerant, designed to eat and digest the worst code one can provide. These Google’s Sandbox“).

Just hire code monkeys for code monkey tasks, and SEOs for everything else ;)

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1 Comment to "Code Monkey Very Simple Man/Woman"

  1. JLH on 23 February, 2007  #link

    AMEN! I am so sick of w3 validation being quoted as the cure all for a site sucking. As I’ve stated a million times before, if my free browser can handle the broken code, so can Google’s billion dollar infrastructure.

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