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Hey, there is content in the widgets!

Yeah, I do know the layout of this blog is somewhat cluttered. Especially the sidebar with all the JS script calls slowing down page loads. Not that Blogger page load times are exiting at all, especially not with the classic template. Forgive me, I just can’t stay away from fancy stuff.

Perhaps you’re not exactly interested in my twits telling you that my monsters are asleep and I can code untroubled, or that I’ve dugg or sphunn my friends’ posts. Perfectly legit votings of course, since we share that many interests so that I often like what my buddies write and submit to whatever social bookmarking services or communities.

Of course you couldn’t care less on stats like how many blogs in the Technorati universe (which is a tiny subset of the GoogleBlogSearch universe, which is a tiny subset of the blogosphere, which is a tiny subset of the Web … Ok, you don’t give a f***) link to my pamplets. Actually, here you could help me out, just put me on your blogroll. Honestly, the lack of backlinks is scandalous. Everybody reads my stuff but very few of you dear readers link to me. I don’t consider scrapers readers, so their links don’t count. Since my audience consists of 99% Webmasters, I hope all of you understand the syntax of my beloved A element. I promote lots of nice folks in my diverse blogroll sections, but very few return the honor. Not even the Google blog lists me under “What We’re Reading” (please notice the capital “W” indicating a pluralis majestatis), although I spam FeedFetcher with Google bashing quite frequently. Weird …

And no, the MBL users list doesn’t count as content (but it’s nice to see who visited), and the AdSense stuff is just informational (and remains unclicked by the way, you guys and gals are way too savvy). Oups, I did it again: four inexpressively paragraphs before I come to the point - vice.

Since I add widgets when I discover them, you’ve to scroll down for the GoogleReader thingy. It’s titled “Sebastian’s picked gems“, and I mean that.

When I stumble upon a great post, I share it. That does not mean that I agree 100%, perhaps I even disagree 100%, but when I share a post I believe it’s worth reading. Honestly, you wouldn’t read my pamplets if you wouldn’t share (a few of) my pet peeves, would you?

I guess it’s safe to assume that you’ll enjoy reading my shared articles. Good news is, you can subscribe to the feed of my selected readings. I don’t recycle news, so I don’t blog every tidbit I find on the ‘Net. Hence you should subscribe to the feed and read the content I’d like to have on my blog although I’m too busy (Ok Ok, that’s just a lame excuse for laziness) to publish it myself.

If you read my blog in your preferred feed reader, you’ll miss out on some exciting stuff!

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