Hates Digg

Ever tried to add a digg button to a blogspot blog? You get a thoughtless error message like “HTML tag <script type=’text/javascript’> is not allowed”. Since when is JavaScript code an HTML tag? BS. <polemic mode>Why does allow JavaScript code made by AdSense?

Conclusion: hates but loves Google’s AdSense.

Did I hear Googlers encouraging link building tactics like link baiting and social bookmarking? Perhaps I just misunderstood those messages … </polemic mode>

Here is the code downtrodden by Google:

<script type="text/javascript">digg_url = ‘‘;</script><script src=”” type=”text/javascript”></script>

Ok, I admit that Google censors filters blog posts in the best interest of noobs not knowing what a piece of JS code can achieve. However, I’m not an ignorant noob and I do want to make use of JavaScript in my blog posts.

Hey Google, please listen to my rant! Thanks.

PS: Dear Google, please don’t tell me that I can use JS within the template. I don’t think every post of mine is worth a digg button and I’m too lazy to code the conditions.

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