Sorry Aaron Wall - I fucked up

I am sorry, Aaron WallMy somewhat sarcastic post “Avoiding the well known #4 penalty“, where I joked about a possible Google #6 filter and criticized the SEO/Webmaster community for invalid methods of dealing with SERP anomalies, reads like “Aaron Wall is a clueless douche-bag”. Of course that’s not true, I never thought that, and I apologize for damaging Aaron’s reputation so thoughtlessly.

To express that I believe Aaron is a smart and very nice guy, I link to his related great post about things SEOs can learn from search engine bugs and glitches:

Do You Care About Google Glitches?     Excerpt:

Glitches reveal engineer intent. And they do it early enough that you have time to change your strategy before your site is permanently filtered or banned. When you get to Google’s size, market share, and have that much data, glitches usually mean something.

To make my point clear: calling a SERP anomaly a filter or penalty unless its intents and causes are properly analyzed, and this analyze is backed up with a reasonable data set, is as thoughtlessly as damaging a fellow SEOs reputation in a way that someone new to the field reading my post and/or comments at Sphinn must think that I’m poking Aaron, although I’m just sick of the almost daily WMW penalty inventions (WMW members –not Aaron!– invented the “Google position #6 penalty / filter” term). The sole reason for mentioning Aaron in my post was that his post (also read this one) triggered a great discussion at Sphinn that I’ve cited in parts.

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4 Comments to "Sorry Aaron Wall - I fucked up"

  1. aaron wall on 29 January, 2008  #link

    thanks Sebastian.

  2. SlightlyShadySEO on 30 January, 2008  #link

    Yay! Can we all hug now?
    Seriously, looking back on it, it seems like an argument over language rather than SEO. Hopefully everyone can move on a little more experienced..myself included :)

  3. Hobo on 30 January, 2008  #link

    Sebastian - You’re A Gentleman right enough! Nothing like a wee dust up to let the steam off and then a big hug to make things better. :)

  4. seo company on 31 July, 2008  #link

    Sebastian, you rock man.. i really appreciate your views.. keep up the good work man.. :)

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