Another Content Thief Caught

Protect your unique content! Yesterday CopyScape alerted me to a content thief reprinting my stuff at [*]. This moron scraped a few paragraphs from my tutorial on Google Sitemaps, replaced a link to Google’s SEO page by a commercial call for action, and uploaded the plagiarism as sales pitch for his dubious and pretty useless SEO tools.

As usual, I’ve documented the case and sent it over to my lawyer. Then I thought I could do more with all the screen shots, WHOIS info etc., and developed a template for a page of evidence [*]. Now it takes me only a few minutes to publish everything others should know about a content thief. Entering a few variables and pushing a button creates a nice page documenting the copyright infringement.

Unfortunately I can’t post the template, because it works with my CMS only, but you’ll get the idea. Be creative yourself, put the thief’s name, company and personal data promitently nearby terms like ‘evil’ and ‘thief’ all over the page, including the META tags. Then link to the page and submit it to all search engines. After a while do a search for the thief and check out whether you’ve outranked the offending site. If not, consider reading a few of my articles on search engine optimizing ;)

[*] My content was removed after my outing page has been picked up by the search engines and ranked fine within a few days. Thus I’ve removed the names and links. Here is another example of an outing page: Content Theft: Tahir J. Farooque’s plagiarism at CRESOFT.COM (Cresoft Corporation)

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1 Comment to "Another Content Thief Caught"

  1. Raven on 3 August, 2005  #link

    I’m glad that you were able to get your thief to stop. It was also a wise move to turn over the information to your lawyer, especially since it involved use in an advertisement. Though unlikely, you might be able to get some reimbursement for it.

    However, in the future, there are other ways to shut down a plagiarist other than linking to them and sending them traffic. Some thieves might like that and take advantage of it.

    If you want any help with that, just send me an email. I’ve got all the material handy.

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