A Monday’s topic conglomerate

I’m writing a longish post on how to never fuck up redirects again, stay tuned. If you want me to babble about a particular topic related to 301/302/307 redirects, please submit it in the comments or drop me a message. Although I’m busy with this article and other not so important tasks like real work, I’d like to mention a few things.

Lucia made a plugin from my WordPress URL canonicalization bugfix. Neat. :)

Marty wants all of us to link to the NYC Search Marketers’ Party During SMX to Beat Lymphoma on October, 15, 2007. If you’re in NY next week, then please donate $40 at the door to help the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society fight cancer, and enjoy three hours of open bar partying with fellow social internet marketers. I wasn’t tagged yet in this meme, but I spotted Marty’s call for action at Sphinn and added the link to my sidebar. I’m tagging John, John, and John.

David tagged me with a Google Sandbox meme asking for a wish. Well, I wish my darn rheumatism would allow me to play beach volleyball in the canonical sandbox over at the Googleplex. Because that’s not likely to happen anytime soon, I’d be happy with a GWC tool reporting incoming anchor text by landing page, inbound links ordered by importance, not commonness. Well, with this meme I can’t tag a Googler again, so I forward the question to Ralph, Mark and Richard.

After a painful long abstinence, tonight I’ve got a babysitter, so I can grab a few pints of Guinness in my favorite pub. Cheers.

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5 Comments to "A Monday's topic conglomerate"

  1. Marty on 8 October, 2007  #link

    Thanks for the mention pal. I never thought I’d write about cancer in our search marketing blog but, given the NYC event, I felt I needed to. Thanks very much.

    FYI, I’m in redirect hell right now myself.

  2. Sebastian on 8 October, 2007  #link

    PS: The redirect script mentioned here will be covered in another post. Sorry guys.

  3. Chris Winfield on 8 October, 2007  #link

    Sebastian -

    Thanks so much for posting about the IM-NY event, it’s much appreciated. Will you be able to attend as well? I hope so…



  4. Sebastian on 8 October, 2007  #link

    Marty, there’s no such thing as an off-topic post on a SEM blog when the topic is important. Actually, I think a few personal words every now and then make a business blog better.

    Chris, unfortunately I can’t make it to NY, my monsters don’t allow much traveling ATM.

  5. JLH on 8 October, 2007  #link

    Links added, thanks for the ping, John #2.

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